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Originally Posted by Cravate_Noire View Post
He talked to me about Charvet shirts just after he called me a crazy bastard!

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Originally Posted by Kuro View Post

I see, he is quite happy with M. Colban.
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I miss me some RJMan.
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Where am I? I'll tell you where I am.

I no longer want to be part of this or any other forum since I accidentally discovered about two months ago that someone on FNB's site started an obscene thread about my wife. To FNB's credit, he thought this was too much and took it down. I have a good idea who did it, although he did so using a proxy and a new username in order to maintain plausible deniability. After discovering that post, I no longer wanted to read or participate in any of the clothing forums I used to -- this, LL, or AKAC (someone, probably the same person, impersonated me to troll on the GQ forum and vlosuit). I'm sickened. Someone crazy and obsessive has pursued me (and Manton; even paranoiacs have enemies) for six years over the Internet. It's one thing to be mocked, insulted and attacked online. When some insane pervert makes a vulgar, sexual thread about someone I care about who has no connection to the forums, you know what? He can have the internet and the forums. He wins. Nothing on the Internet is so important to me that I would subject my loved ones to this. It's just clothes. It's not funny, it's frightening that someone would actually do this. I have a life outside the forums I care more about than this virtual existence. I don't want to participate anymore, I don't want to explain anymore, it's getting increasingly absurd to have to explain in my defense that certain people online hate and resent me for differences of opinion and tone six years ago on Ask Andy, and that they improbably have pursued me (despite their bannings from all forums in which I participate) since then. I don't want to have to keep defending and making these points to the ever-renewing horde of tire-kickers, late-comers and water-carriers for the trolls. To anyone who says, lighten up, it's just the Internet, well, they can fucking have it.

I haven't posted about this before for the reasons I give above. I also don't want to make a big deal publicly out of leaving -- I want to stay away as long as I can, and hopefully indefinitely, apart from an upcoming sale post to get rid of a final crop of stuff.

Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post
Something tells me we have an RJ visit in the not too distant past. It was an incognito visit though.
No, and that's the truth. I did occasionally stop by to see if anyone had asked where I was in case I had forgotten to get in contact with anyone, but I haven't made any posts in over two months.
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^^^That is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know you, but you have my sympathies. Some people are just nuts.
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Originally Posted by Tidybeard View Post
^^^That is absolutely ridiculous. I don't know you, but you have my sympathies. Some people are just nuts.
+1 ATM, the guy has enough problems trying to merge both universes.
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What are we going to do to find shit on eBay now????
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Originally Posted by SpooPoker View Post
What are we going to do to find shit on eBay now????

Sorry, man.

Maybe I can work out something with YoungAmerican and his blog.
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
Sorry, man.

Maybe I can work out something with YoungAmerican and his blog.

Id subscribe to a PM mailer.

In any event, your situation is fucked up. Sorry to hear about that. Hope it works itself out.
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le forum c'est merde sans l'homme
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Thread Starter 
This makes me sincerely sad. I apologize, RJ, that I had catalyzed this thread that may have made you feel obligated to explain your current situation. You and I both know that we weren't e-buddies, but I did enjoy your presence here and noted your absence, and I find it deplorable that someone holds such malice against you over discussions held on freaking fashion message boards.
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RJman, sorry to hear this and I back your position 100%. I had an idiot make some cracks about my wife a while ago and it's the only time in over 15 years of the InterWebs that I felt the need to be even remotely ITG. I wholeheartedly back your decision. Send a PM once in a while, if you have a pithy rejoinder to something you read.

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You'll be missed, RJ. I can't believe your situation, your antagonist is absolutely pathetic. Good luck!
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Sorry to hear that. That's why my family and g/f and I intuitively have kept/are keeping our online presences widely separate (not cause we would want to hide anything from one another [of course we also do]: my mom e.g. is also a completely crazy artist) but there are some really idiotic persons around who are mainly jealousy or genuinely crazy who may do something like you described...I understand you, maybe take a break for a year and then maybe you'll have enough distance to ignore all that, and will have new motivation to maybe post strictly subject-related gems here and there, at first...anyway, best wishes, H.
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RJ, Damn, that is truly horrible!!!!!!

May internet tough guys and paranoids roast in hell.

You are one of the few that I really liked and respected as to wit and intelligence as you know.

I've got your Email somewhere or please PM me.

At this point in my life, my life is primarily an open book.

But it's your choice whether to name the SOB you suspect or let it go.

Hopefully it will put a smile on your face to know that I've got one inside cat currently, Squeaky Jones, who is horrendously spoiled. And our block has about 15-20 outside cats that we compete against to see who can treat them the best.

Right now the outside winner is feeding the babies Sheba but I'm hoping for a good year and I'll outdo him.
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