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Fake Kiton?

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Just curious, why do you question the authenticity?
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Aren't the sleeve buttons supposed to be unfinished? Redardless of authenticity, I probably wouldn't buy it since it's way too high fastening.
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Originally Posted by Tomasso
Just curious, why do you question the authenticity?

Because, I rarely see Kiton label stitched as the picture shown. Also, the cut of the suit is highly unusual looking for Kiton suit. Well, I have seen fake Attolini's .. now I have seen fake Kiton.
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even better, why is vote4tom (crazy lobb seller) bidding on them?

ebay. its a small world
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Given that the seller is advertising Zegna cloth suits as Zegna, I would stay away. Spidey sense is telling me there's something fishy about those Kiton suits. I'm no expert on Kiton but they don't look legit to me.
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That is most definitely not a real Kiton. It's a Kiton label sewn into a cheap suit.
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I love how they work that into the ad.
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Originally Posted by drizzt3117
I love how they work that into the ad.

And as if it's a virtue.
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Maybe Kiton got tired of using their logo Bemberg lining and decided to do the machine pick stitch... could happen.

I need to look into that whole Spidey Sense thing....
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I believe this seller sold a 38R Kiton, exact same fabric, not too long ago ... went for nearly $1000 US i think.
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Definitely looks fake to me. Lapel does not roll properly and its button is cheap looking. Very suspicious.
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I'm far from expert, and trying to judge from a picture is pretty dicey, but doesn't the way the fabric falls along the lapel and around the buttons look a bit on the stiff and coarse side?
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What I saw was:
Lapel roll strangely flat.
Buttons on the sleeve too far apart for Kiton.

Thanks for the training excercise.
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Aren't these the same suit?

One was sold as a Ferre and the other was Kiton...
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