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Hey all. I just placed a purchase with for a Sugarcane Studs belt for 171. Juno had 470+ buys on his PayPal record so I went for it. Anyone have any experience with then in regards to customer service/shipping? Thanks.
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I've never used them, but Ive heard nothing but good
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He's very professional and always ships quickly. Great communication. I really couldn't ask for more.
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Sweet, if this works out, my bank account will not be pleased.. Edo Ai, here I come.
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Have done several transactions with Juno, he has been fast and reliable without fail. Sorry about your bank account.
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He also uses msn which is a good thing in terms of communication.
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how much does he charge for a fee? I think I had heard 30% of the goods price. I have no idea whether or not that is valid
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I dont want to derail the topic but I think my question is something the topic creator will also appreciate. My friend had a change of plans and wont go to japan next month so I have to use a service like bid-service, judging by the previous remarks bid-service seems to be good in terms of service.

Are there any other reliable companies like bid-service in Japan that can provide the service for me for a cheaper price? The item I want in question is the Pure Blue Japan xx-005. Thanks.
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Juno is really reliable. Got my order in less than a week. I heard celga is good too, might be worth getting a quote from both too see who's cheaper.

Also, I will start my own service in Japan in September... but that's in a little while, I'll keep everyone updated when it happens.
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his english isn't that great and sometimes he ignores you. his prices seem to flucuate a lot too- regardless of the exchange rate. that's my experience at least. you can always try djrajio- the man who originally handed off the business to me. but i'm not sure if he's picking up where i left off or not as he has a real job.
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Received Sugarcane belt today.. quickly shipped, communication was good.. overall I'm glad with the service and I will most likely utilize it again.
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I've started offering my own buying service. Check this thread for details
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