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I really, really, really really like this shirt that chris from superfuture found at a boutique in Bangkok. It's so refreshing. It takes one of the streetwear cliches (allover prints) and makes it wholly original. No stars, no guns, no skulls, no hardassness, no mystery. Just animals. Brilliant.
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the most i've paid was probably around $35, i don't know if i'd ever go more than that although i've been tempted often to get that cloak shirt from spring 05 (with the bird, ironically enough). i also really like riddim driven.
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I have a "Beaver Hunting" brown/pink reversible (never worn it on the pink side, doubt i will) by Ben Sherman. I love that shirt.
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Love that shirt, Minya. Damn I WANT ONE!
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I just came back from Ibiza, and I could kick myself for not buying more of the club/bar/beach club etc. T-shirts they sell there. Some people in Ibiza really know how to make a printed T-shirt.
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the most i paid for a tee was $180 for a dior homme tee..cvant believe it til now
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Originally Posted by jean_connoisseur23
the most i paid for a tee was $180 for a dior homme tee..cvant believe it til now
no doubt your special edition Dior x Eternal t-shirt was worth it (purchased from the 45RPM store, I'm sure)
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nope...this one is straight from the dior boutique in soHo...
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Originally Posted by jonglover View Post
Best New Find - Salvor: Knew nothing about the label before this weekend except for the fact Odin carried them. They're kind of generic in theme (deer, eagles, cantelope, etc.), however they're soooo pretty. Very well-made and soft to boot. My brother bought four of these at $65 each and he's the cheapest person I know.
I find the image of a cantaloupe on a tee-shirt amusing.
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I don't buy many anymore, but a lot of band t shirts are nice, if a little bit of effort goes into them that is.
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I used to be kinda anti-graphic tee shirts but i've been wanting some lately. There was a dior homme s/s07 (i think) tshirt that i simply loved. I like the bson box pictures tees too. I'm considering purchasing the cd s2a one as well. I like band shirts that are subtle and aren't too much like wearing your tastes on your chest as a badge of honor.
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I'll never be able to get my head around it that some people spend loads of money on graphic tees. I usually just go for band tees of rather low key, unknown bands. They cost about one third of the price some big name bands charge.
Also, once every few months, Threadless has a nice design coming out, although the sizing on these is...unpredictable, but i think that has been covered before.
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I just got this Dior T - I had a $150 gift card for Sak's so I figured I'd buy it with the intention of selling it on SuFu..... but I've got to say it's really soft and comfy and a damn-near perfect fit so now I'm thinking about just keeping it. I really liked this shirt too but they didn't have it in my size and I don't think I could bring myself to actually pay full price for it somewhere else.

I really like the striped skull shirts that APC had for spring/summer '07. I bought the red one but wish I would have gotten the blue as well.

And of course, I love the Powell Peralta re-issue shirts. I have the Bones Ripper, Ripper with Wings, Ray Rodridguez, Mike McGill and the Oval Dragon :-)
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