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Queer eye for the straight guy

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I am a fan of the show "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy." In fact, they had a whole marathon of it on today While watching the show, I got curious as to how the straight guys are picked to get onto the show. I assume they are chosen out of a large lot of candidates. Also, once they get onto the show, do they get all the clothing and furnishings that the Fab 5 pick for them for free? I have noticed some of the things to be quite expensive, especially the Baker furniture which has been used in various episodes.
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I'd imagine the first season of straight guys probably had their wives/friends/girlfriends respond to a newspaper ad. They're making an Australian version of Queer Eye, and you can send the details of an unsuspecting straight guy to the TV station. So here's my plan... I take the entire contents of my wardrobe over to a friend's house, buy some ratty old t-shirts, flannel shirts and acid-wash jeans, submit a suitably slobbish profile, and get my friends to vouch for my lack of style, social skills and hygiene. And voila. I have a brand new designer wardrobe. This plan is flawless, I tells ya.
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nick m, i've had the exact same thought but had it for the 'what not to wear show' on tlc that came out first whereby they give you a $5,000 wardrobe makeover ..... several people have said the same thing to me, what prevents someone pretending to be dowdy? they're also make a uk version of queer eye as well
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