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RG is great. ya'll dudes with the coupon codes should send it to me so I can buy more japanese things
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For what its worth, my order arrived in less than a week to california, so despite the lack of communication they are still semi on top of things. I will definitely order again.
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I just think people underestimate the sheer amount of emails that retailers get per day.  I think even one of the super small retailers here on SF said they get 200 a day.  If you even spend 1-2 (super low side) minutes on each email, you're looking at hours and hours a day of replying to emails. 


It's not really an excuse, some retailers with an intense passion for cs pull it off (Epaulet), but it's no wonder the email box can be left unattended at times, while they are super helpful on the phone.  

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they need a 1800# then if they want to maintain good service. If you do the majority of your business online, you have to have the systems in place to handle requests.
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On a realer note, does anyone know why the nonnative goretex wingtips and captoes went up in price? Just a few days ago they were half that...and I was going to pick them up after thinking about sizing up.
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DAMN! ...I hope my shirt was in stock at the time of ordering.
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maybe you guys should stop fucking flooding them with emails
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this store sucks w/e

buy if you know what it is you're buying. if you do not, do some homework

IMO this store for the average SF member is good only for the general brands and labels, 'SF Approved'. Outside of that people are just looking for an excuse to buy something with the minimal discount
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Any coupon codes for RG? Hoping to place a (problem free) order soon.
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Originally Posted by PattyC View Post

Any coupon codes for RG? Hoping to place a (problem free) order soon.

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Hi Guys,
We’ve seen from some of your comments that a few of our Styleforum customers have had some bad experiences ordering from us recently. I’d like to take the opportunity to let everyone on Styleforum know that we work very hard to make our online shopping experience the best we can and we take any and all complaints such as these very seriously.

I’d like to offer our sincere apologies to any of our customers who feel that they have received poor service. Mistakes are made in any business, but that doesn’t excuse any lack of communication to our customers. I promise that in the future we will do our best to make sure that your shopping experience is a pleasurable one.

After taking the reported experiences into consideration, we have implemented changes to our store policies and practices that will see improved email response time and item availability accuracy for all of our customers. One very visible change I can point to is our new toll-free number (1-800-458-2323) that should make getting in touch with us much easier for our North American customers.

We value your feedback, both positive and negative. If you have any concerns about an experience you had with our service, please contact us via email at or call us at 1-800-458-2323, we’d like the opportunity to make things right.

Ryan Carey
Manager of online operations
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Fantastic service across the board from you guys, definitely would not hesitate to order from you again.
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Originally Posted by twdawson View Post


i thought i saw a code in one of the ads on styleforum....
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well done sir
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Originally Posted by RodenGray View Post

Ryan Carey
Manager of online operations

Bravo, thank you for this.
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