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Mezlan shoes? Opinions?

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Hey everyone,
just wondering what peoples opinions of mezlan shoes are? I was thinking of picking up this pair?
Or can people recommend shoes in a similar price range that are oxfords aswell?

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$95 as a starting bid is too high for this shoe that retail for $195. For around that price you would do better with Allen Edmonds. The quality of Mezlan shoes are very average to below average at most.
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I find Mezlan shoes are usually one mistake away from being good looking shoes. They generally have a nice shape but they tend mess things up with detailing.
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I owned 2 pairs, yea they are a step away from being a good looking shoe. But there's always something about them that makes them a bit off.

Quality-wise, I disagree that they are bad. I put mine through the paces going jitterbugging in them and they held up just fine. I sold them just because I got tired of that off-ness in styling.
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I agree about Mezlan styling. The quality is not too great, but not horrid, probably a cut above KC/Bostonian and perhaps 70% as good as AE if we're still using that scale. Maybe about the same as Hugo Boss shoes.
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I owned a pair - once. Never again. They are nowhere near A-E. I'd give them 30% of A-E for quality - not 70%. My pair fell apart very quickly and were tossed.
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I've never felt compelled to purchase Mezlans. They seem a bit off style-wise, like others have posted.
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i once bought a pair of mezlans several years back before these fora at full retail price of 195. but back then i thought the price was a superlative price and i just assumed that quality and luxury came with these shoes.
when i wore them they were not comfortable and always made my feet ache during the day. i just passed that off as a natural phenomena of dress shoes, whether they were cheap or "luxurious" like my mezlans.

after finding out about c&j, AE, gucci, lobb, santoni and the rest, i learned that dress shoes are actually more comfortable than my athletic shoes. and the leathers used made the mezlans look very subpar.

i returned the mezlans several months later. yes, from nordstrom, that was the first and only time i took advantage of their no questions refund policy.

even at the discount prices at nordy rack for maybe 99 dollars with an additional 35% off, i'd say that is still 65 dollars too much for a pair of mezlans.
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I bought a pair for about $40 or $50 a few years ago off ebay. They're okay shoes but I don't think I would pay much more than that for them.

Santoni shoes (not the ones at the high-end) might be in your price range if you get lucky on ebay.
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My niece (by marriage, one of several) sold shoes at Nordstrom's for several years. I once asked her about Mezlans, more for my boy than myself. She strongly counseled me to stay away from Mezlans and rated them very low as far as quality, durability and value went.
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I had a few pairs of Mezlan, including a pair of ankle boot. Like others said, they're not made in the traditional English or Italian style and they feel a bit "thin." I got mine at usually 40-50% of retail when I didn't know anything better about shoes. In terms of quality, I'd say they're a more stylish version of Johnston & Murphy. For the same amount of money, there are better picks as has been said before.
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I'm having a bit of trouble finding good shoes on ebay.
Could one of you please help me.
Just a classic oxford in US13 and at a price point of US$100 - $150.

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I have a pair of Mezlan (Nigel, in brown) and have had them for 2 years. I'm hard on shoes (6' 2", 200+ lbs, do lots of walking) and usually break down the welt and go through heels. The shoes have held their own to date. Plus, I only paid $105 for them. I agree that something's always a bit off design-wise, which is why I hadn't bought a pair before.
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Originally Posted by Splat_man
I'm having a bit of trouble finding good shoes on ebay.
Could one of you please help me.
Just a classic oxford in US13 and at a price point of US$100 - $150.


not sure of your width, but here's an black Allen Edmonds Oxford in 13E

here's a brown Allen Edmonds Oxford in 13D

If the blucher/balmoral thing doesn't bother you, here is a classic Allen Edmonds

interesting 13D's worth considering,
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I know this thread is long past dead, but thought I would throw my two cents in. While Mezlan shoes do not offer the quality of Alden or Allen Edmonds shoes (i.e. stitching to a real welt and cork bedding), I still believe they offer good value for money. I would also never pay full price and stay away from some of the "pimp" shoes they offer.
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