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and now for my second one.
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Black leather belt, English tip, Quick Release buckle, belt length 32" (one hole) + Card case 01 in black leather + Keyhook 05 - Shortie in black leather with silver hardware. All arrived safely in the UK. Excellent quality, totally delighted, love the smell. Thanks very much!
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how does the oxblood age?
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^Hard to say, since I haven't worn one. I am actually dyeing in t alittle darker these days, with a little brown added to tone it down some. I'll be making some narrow belts (same price) once I get more of the buckles, and this one is probably the most representative of the color:
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any price difference for a belt with Chicago screws?
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^sent you a PM back in Jan, but no price difference for screws. If you guys have questions, just PM me. I can't answer questions iin this thread without a legitimate reason for bumping it... like new buckles! Here are a couple of new solid brass buckles that I'm offering. They both take 1.5" belts. Square roller on the left and heel bar on the right. Here's a British tan belt with the square roller buckle that I recently made for someone here. Oh, and FYI- as soon as I can take a few more photos and create a new thread, belt prices will be increasing by about 20% due to nicer materials and more time spent on the belts.
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Two beautiful belts arrived today.

Highly recommended purchases
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Posting so I can PM you about these slick creations
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^namaste! How did you know I was at yoga today?
Originally Posted by ManofKent View Post
Two beautiful belts arrived today. Highly recommended purchases
I'm very glad to hear you like them, sir! OK, I have had a few requests for narrower belts, which I can make. I usually just stock 1.5" buckles because it's a nice width for jeans. But, I can get almost all of the buckles in smaller sizes, except for the quick release, clipped corner, and heel bar buckles. I can also get the square roller buckle (above) in nickel in any size except for 1.5". It may take a few days to receive the smaller buckles if you want them, and I may tack on a few extra bucks if I am not ordering others at the time. EDIT: Here is a nickel square roller belt that I made for someone. I have this buckle in 1" and 1.25", but can't get it in 1.5".
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i got a great QR green belt for Z hes the bomb.
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just received a beautiful natural qr belt from Zissou. Great looking belt and fast service! highly recommended
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Zissou - can you repost pictures I can't see them and i'm guessing others can't... fucking imageshack want an untanned belt to go with new iron hearts just can't decide who to get it from. these look great though.
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pics of worn in belts?
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I am going to create a new thread in the next few days, with images hosted elsewhere. In the meantime, if anyone wants a photo of something, just send me a PM.
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