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FS: Handmade Leather BELTS

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NOTICE (6/3): I have a few orders to fill this weekend, and then I head out of town for work for 2-3 weeks. So, I will be taking a break from making leather goods until July 5th. You can still PM me if you have questions in the meantime. If you have already paid, then your stuff will be shipped to you in the next week or less. Since I can't edit my cardcase/keyhook thread anymore, and also to avoid any confusion, I am making a separate thread for belts I'm making. All belts are hand cut, dyed, stitched, edged, and burnished by yours truly. They are made from 8/9 oz veg tanned leather. At the moment, all belts are 1-1/2" (one and a half inches) wide. It is the only size buckle I have found that I like. All belts, except those made with center bar or clipped corner buckles, will have a hand-stitched keeper. You have the choice of the following points: 1. clipped 2. square 3. slant 4. round 5. English And the following colors: 1. natural 2. oxblood 3. British tan 4. cordovan 5. black Available buckles (I have just a couple of each, but can order more): Clipped corner in (L-R, T-B) nickel, antique nickel, pewter, brass (semi-antiqued, not that shiny), antique brass (L-R, T-B) roller buckle in brass and nickel, quick release in antique silver, center bar in brass and nickel Stitching colors are natural, dark brown, or black (I am going to make the keepers a hair narrower): All belts are custom length. To measure length, follow the guide below (this length will be to the third hole). OR, measure your actual waist under the belt loops of a pair of jeans you are wearing. Price is $70 Shipped First Class worldwide - Paypal only If you would like insurance and delivery confirmation (US Only), it will be an extra $5. To order a belt, copy and paste the text below into a PM to me, delete the options you do not want, and fill in buckle color and length. Buckle style: clipped corner/roller/quick release/center bar Buckle color: Belt color: natural/oxblood/British tan/cordovan/black Stitching color: natural/dark brown/black Point: clipped/square/slant/round/English Length: Paypal address: If you'd like a photo of a certain color leather with a certain buckle, just PM me. There is a lot of character to this leather, with visible grain and occasional scars. But, the scars are not apparent unless you look closely. These are jeans belts- simple design, and built to last. Turn around time on the card cases and keyhooks was always one day, but it will be longer on the belts, upwards of a few days to a week depending on how many orders I have going. FYI- I won't be making much during the month of June because I am out of town most of the month. Testing out some color combinations... top to bottom, nickel on black antique nickel on natural pewter on oxblood brass on british tan antique brass on cordovan
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Would it be possible to see you wearing one of these belts? Maybe a coin next to the buckles? I'd love to get one, but Its difficult to picture the actual size they'll come out.
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Here is my personal QR belt. All belts will be this width.
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zissou that oxblood is a beauty! wish they were a bit thinner, like the tanner skinny, that width with the oxblood and a black powder-coated QR buckle is my dream belt.
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25% off any keyhooks or card cases when you order a belt! I spent part of my weekend making two identical oxblood belts. I'm out of the pewter buckle, but can order some more if there is interest.
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For some reason I can't see the picture of the quick release. Can you re post?
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Originally Posted by zissou View Post
25% off any keyhooks or card cases when you order a belt!

I spent part of my weekend making two identical oxblood belts. I'm out of the pewter buckle, but can order some more if there is interest.


This one's gorgeous.
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Very beautiful, zissou you got a PM
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PM sent (I needed to get my post count up to 2)
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I just received a natural belt today-I highly recommend one!
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I have another belt for sale that's a little different. I made it for someone who wanted to swap out the buckles, so it's held together with Chicago screws. It was returned as the length was off, so I thought I'd put it up here to see if anyone else is interested. I can swap out the buckle and screws with anything else I have, even in brass. Or, if you want multiple buckles, just let me know. It has an English point, and I can no longer change the color of the leather. $60 Shipped, since it was tried on. It will work for someone who has this measurement of ~31" Oh, and some more QR belts, just for fun.
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Edit: the belt above has sold
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I hope that no one gets upset at me for this, but I am interested in contacting Zizzou about purchasing something from him, and I have to have two post to send a again sorry about this and the next one i am about to post.
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