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Originally Posted by misterjuiceman View Post

Thanks for the extremely-quick response! Just went through the entire SuFu thread, too, and saw the 3105 and 3109 are coming soon. Left-hand twill and gray-weft is very intriguing!

We'll have those April 1st.
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Will you be getting more of the 2109's in size 34?

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Originally Posted by Dirty Gurty View Post

Will you be getting more of the 2109's in size 34?

We have those in stock now at SENY and SELA if you want to place a phone order, if not we'll have a restock in the online store on April 1st.
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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

Strike Gold 1105
Worn for 2 years
Washed 13 times

I have to bring them back
Really nice fading results, congrats kya
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Strike Gold Left Hand Twill Jeans, Loopwheeled T-Shirts, & More

This was definitely a first... we received a jean that sold so quickly in-store that we had no stock left to put into our online store and had to wait until the second batch to officially announce the jean online. This jean is Strike Gold's 17oz unsanforized left hand twill denim jean with gray dyed weft yarns.

We've finally received a full stock of both the straight (model 3105) and slim tapered (model 3109) versions and have enough to fill the online store with. This denim is beautiful and has a medium blue shade and is slightly hairy, we've seen some that have aged since we got them initially four months ago and they look quite good.

We've also received a new loopwheeled t-shirt in two colors with a vintage style flock print to give the print an upraised almost velour feel on the fabric.

Along with these new items all stores have received a full restock of all other Strike Gold jean models and belts in both tan and black.

Shop Strike Gold Online

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Strike Gold Loopwheeled Indigo-Dyed Sweaters and Zip Hoodies

Strike Gold have taken their extremely popular loopwheeled crewneck sweaters and zip hoodies and done a limited run in vat indigo-dyed versions. These come in a dark indigo color when new and will fade and age over time with regular wear and washing. We can't wait to see what the indigo versions will look like in just a year's time.

These are the ultimate loopwheeled crewneck sweaters. A sweater that is a true loopwheeled fabric, flatlock seam stitched throughout, kitten soft exterior and interior, a beautiful fit, and great detailing that's only noticed by those who've studied the art of the loopwheeled sweater. We know this all sounds like a bit much, but once you see these in person you'll know, there's something very special about them that sets them apart from the rest.

Along with these crewnecks we've received the ultimate zip hoodie. A single panel all around with an opening at the front for a 100% cotton taped zipper and 100% cotton hood pulls. This is taking the idea of a perfect loopwheeled hoodie to an extreme. Combining the fabric that Strike Gold produces with the details like a slim fit and two front patch pockets makes this the hoodie to die with.

These are available now in black, gray, and indigo dyed versions.
There will be no restocks of these this season as these are only produced once a year.

All these items are available now at all Self Edge stores, check the online store for full specs on the sweaters and shirts along with measurements, hi-res photos, and more.

Shop Strike Gold! Online

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Strike Gold Super Short Slub Weft Jeans & Brushed Flannel Shirts

While in Japan at the end of 2013 we saw a denim that excited us more than nearly any other new denim we'd seen in well over a year. It was at a meeting with Strike Gold at which they brought us a sample of the fabric to see; since that meeting we couldn't wait to get the jean into our stores. It's been a long six month wait since then and we've finally got a small run of these jeans available at our stores.

With the new 5105 (slim straight) and 5109 (slim tapered) models Strike Gold have produced a 15oz unsanforized denim made of pure indigo warp threads and a light gray weft thread. The denim is very interesting because they used a super short slub cotton for the weft threads. This is a cotton staple so short we believe it's shorter than the sugar cane fibers used in Sugar Cane's famed Okinawa and Hawaii jeans, except those use a slub fiber (sugar cane) in the warp and weft of the denim. Using a cotton staple this short is tricky when producing a fabric that should be rugged and somewhat heavy in weight because the yarns need to be spun at a far slower pace and therefore increasing the risk of the shuttle yarn (aka, the weft thread) snapping far more often than it already does. The slow spinning of the thread should not be confused with the tension or speed of a loom, spinning of yarns is a process which happens far before any loom is involved in making a fabric. All this work results in a denim that looks like no denim we've seen before. The process used gives the denim an extremely uneven texture, but not necessarily slubby looking. Our best description is that at a 45 degree angle it can be compared closely to a vintage hand-woven Persian rug, but not so much that most people wouldn't be able to tell much of a difference outside of the deeper color. The jean looks like an indigo colored denim but has a deeper blue hue from the weft threads peaking through the indigo warp threads. It's a jean like this which reminds us that we haven't seen it all, yet.

Along with these two new jeans we've received two new brushed flannels, available in red or yellow. If you're local to one of our four stores do yourself a favor and come by just to see this new denim in person.
Both jeans and flannels along with a restock of the 3105/3109 jeans and belts in both colors are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store.

Shop Strike Gold Online

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Kiya, looks like the indigo-dyed hoodies have a problem with the zippers. They shouldn't be wavy like that.... looks like there wasn't enough allowance included to account for the shrinkage after wash
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Strike Gold Indigo-Dyed Flannels & Self Edge Denim Hangers

We've just received Strike Gold's new indigo-dyed yarn flannel shirts and have finally put up our hand-made jean hangers up for sale in our online store.

This is the first time we've seen a flannel shirt which has indigo dyed yarns within the pattern. This means that over time with regular wear and washing the pattern will start to change slowly as the indigo fades from the blue/navy areas of the pattern.

The jean hangers which you've seen at all of our stores were designed by us and produced by Burwell Arts in San Francisco. Each one is hammered and shaped by hand.

Shop Strike Gold Online

Shop Jean Hangers Online



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Strike Gold Loopwheeled T-Shirts & Jean Restock

We've just received a new run of Strike Gold's blank loopwheeled t-shirts. These are true single-needle loopwheeled cotton tees made at one of the only remaining loopwheeling factories in the world. The fabric has a great horizontal weave character to it which becomes more pronounced over time. These are now even made up to size XXL (with a side seam).

Also, we have great news about Strike Gold's prices, all prices of their jeans and t-shirts have been reduced across the board. We've received full restocks of nearly all of their jeans models and belts along with the t-shirts

Shop Strike Gold Online




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Strike Gold Indigo-Dyed Polo Shirts, Shorts, & Jean Restocks

If you want to wear polo shirts and shorts during the summer while still wearing in something indigo-dyed Strike Gold has you covered. They've released a set of pure indigo rope-dyed pieces, a polo shirt and a pair of super comfortable shorts. They've produced the polo especially for Self Edge without any outer branding. Both come pre-rinsed so shrinkage is minimal once washed and over time they'll lighten in color wear with wear.

Both these pieces are available now along with a full restock of all eight Strike Gold jean models at all Self Edge stores.

Shop Strike Gold Online


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Strike Gold "Deep Indigo" Limited Jeans & Loopwheeled T-Shirts

Strike Gold had been working on a new 17oz denim that would create a particular indigo shade they had in mind. The mill produced a small run of the fabric for them which they were satisfied with, then shortly after when the production run started Strike Gold put a stop to the run because the shade didn't match the initial sample run. The mill stated they could not match that exact shade again unless they added pigment dye to the indigo bath. Strike Gold refused to do this as they wanted to stay with a 100% pure indigo dyed jean. These people are extremely particular about their denim. They decided against making a jean that wasn't exactly as they envisioned, so instead they produced only 175 pairs, which is all the initial denim run could be made into. The jean is cut into Strike Gold's slim tapered XXX9 fit and is availble only at Self Edge and at Strike Gold's own shop in Okayama, also, each jean comes with a Strike Gold tote bag.

Along with the new jean we've had Strike Gold make us a new run of their very popular blank loopwheeled tees, these are the ultimate loopwheeled t-shirt. The feel, fabric weight, stitching, and fit are top notch. They've also managed to make them up to XX-Large by putting a side seam on the largest size.

The jeans, tees, and a full restock of most Strike Gold jean models are available now at all Self Edge stores.

Shop Strike Gold Online



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Strike Gold Jeans, Loopwheeled T-Shirts, & Belts

We've just received a long awaited restock of all 8 models of Strike Gold's jeans, blank loopwheeled t-shirts in black or white, and their super duper thick leather belts.

Available now at all stores!

Shop Strike Gold Online





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Self Edge x Strike Gold = SEXSG24 / Wavy Standard Jeans

With over a year of development, many months of waiting, and the idea that you can still do something new and interesting with denim, we bring you a collaborative jean between Self Edge and Strike Gold.

After five years of carrying Strike Gold at Self Edge we felt it was time to do a collaborative jean. We designed a denim with them which we found out was not only difficult for them to produce but also took quite a few iterations to get it feeling the way we wanted it to. Yes, feeling.. this denim is all about texture, a texture that will visually come alive with regular wear.

This is a mixed fiber length denim woven on a shuttle loom at a slow speed giving the denim a wavy texture which is not only visual but can also be felt from the inside and outside of the jean. We've upped the weight a slight bit from what you normally see a denim this loosely woven made at, these clock in at 17oz per square yard. We've kept Strike Gold's traditional back pocket stitching except it's done in a tonal indigo-dyed thread so they're barely seen when new but over time will become slightly more visible. The jean is stitched together using a cotton poly-core stitching, this ages like cotton but has the strength of poly. And finally the deerskin patch is printed with a gold foil stamp to match the selvedge id of the jean.

These are available in a new straight tapered cut and Strike Gold's popular xxx9 slim tapered cut. Check our online store for a full spec list, measurements, and more info than you'll ever need for a pair of jeans.

These jeans will go on sale at noon (local time) at all Self Edge stores on Saturday, August 6th. They will also be available online at 9am (PDT) the same day.

Shop Strike Gold Online


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