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Brown leather soled soccer shoes

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Has anyone seen this type of shoe? I have seen them recently in Japan, and assume that they are all the rage somewhere else. I have seen several models, both made in Italy. They were ntiqued brown leather uppers with leather soles. One had natural rubber nubs instead of spikes stiched onto the leather. The other had a rubber heel and a leather foresole. One was made by Franchescetti(?), a maker somwhat known here in Japan. Unfortunately, because both shoes were made in Italy, they were too small for my wide foot. I am hoping for a similar pair made by a company that runs wider or has EE widths. Searches for "football" "leather" and "shoes" don't seem to give me anything useful. Does anyone have any suggestions? Bic
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I believe you might mean Pantofola d'Oro. Pantofola d'Oro is a high end soccer shoe (football boot) manufacturing company from Italy that still makes their shoes in Italy. They also have street shoes. http://www.pantofoladoro.com/english/default.html Check out the Super Star 1951 series under the "Leisure Time Collection." Last year they did a bit more antiqued brown than this year it appears. In NYC, Otto Tootsi Plohound sold them, as did Barneys. I saw several antiqued brown ones at the warehouse sale btw. Perhaps the unsold ones will be back next year as these aren't the cheapest walking around shoes. I haven't seen any this year though.
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Thanks very much Mr. M. Just the ticket. I did see and try on the Super Star 1951. Now if only I could find that model in a wide width, or another company that makes something similar with a wider last. Bic
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I have a pair of Diesels that are a soccer boot upper with a rubber driving shoe sole (coincidentally, they're the "Dave" model.) Relatively inexpensive ($75 on sale), not particularly narrow or wide (my foot is slightly wide). If it's a true soccer boot upper, it's probably overly narrow on purpose - soccer boots are supposed to stretch and mold to the wearer's foot (for touch/feel) with some overhang over the sole.
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It sounds like you're looking for soccer-esque type shoes or the sort....Im with Davei and also own the "Dave" pair of Diesel's. Being a soccer player in high school/college...these Dave's feel just like cleats (of course without all the noise when one walks on cement/tiles/etc.)  It's a decent leather and molds just like a cleat would. A little narrow I would like to add. As for quality they feel pretty well-made.  Im a firm believer in taking extra care of my shoes (in addition to owning many pairs) so that I don't have to 'test' their true durability/quality. http://www.shoes.com/product....erId=CJ Don't spend too too much on them...as they're soon to be 'out' (if they haven't already).
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