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Nudie fit

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I normally wear 33W 31L. If I want a dry Sven, what is the size i should get?
Which Nudies are selvage?

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please try searching...this is a very easy thing to find out and has been addressed countless times
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I'd go with 32x32.
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Agreed on the search thing, but don't feel bad. I clutter up the board with 'OMG HELP ME SIZE SOME JEANS' posts, too.

Now, you need to clarify what you mean by normally wear. I normally wear a 29, because manufacturers vanity size. I've found that dry Nudies - maybe excepting the greycast models - are true to size. So if you normally wear a 33 jean, that tells me nothing. What is the real size?

Go get your best fitting (in the waist) pair of jeans, and measure the waistband. I'd tug it out a bit, not taut, but how they would be if they were on you. Now double that number and subtract one. That is the size I would buy if I were buying a pair of dry Nudies. They would, hopefully, end up fitting like the pair you measured after a few weeks of wear.

My dry Nudies shrank between 2 and 2.5 inches in length, with no stretching. If you go with a 32 inch inseam (and I would), you might have to stretch them out after you wash them. This may sound like a pain, but it's really easy. I just hold the jeans up fresh out of the washer, step on the hem completely, grab at the upper thigh of that leg, and then pull. Repeat for the other leg.

You can feel the denim stretch out a bit, and it takes 10 seconds total.

Man, I'm like the one trick pony of Nudie sizing . One of the few questions I can answer with confidence.
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