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Bumping an older thread...

Right now I'm commuting around 35 minutes each way to work. The traffic's not horrible at all. I started looking for a new place closer to work but they tend to suck. I don't mind driving for 35 mins each way but the thought of having to do this for an extended period of time is not pleasant. Last summer I commuted 1 hr 15 mins each way and it sucked.

Please advise.
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5 minute drive to train station.
1 hour train ride.
10 minute subway ride.
30 second walk to work.

this is only temporary as i'm currently living with my parents as i look for a permanent place.
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Forget if I've posted here already but since I've moved womehwat recently I'll post my new routine.

1. 10 minute walk to metro/subway station
2. 15 minute ride downtown
3. 10 minute walk to office/desk
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My commute is now a one mile drive. bounce2.gif I could walk, but parking is so bad that I need to put my car in the parking garage near the office. Can't leave it in the metered parking during the day.
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30 min drive. due to my hours i avoid rush hour both ways.
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5 minutes if you drive, 17 if you cycle, 40 if you walk...
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For me it's only a 1.8 mile commute, but still takes me about 25-30 minutes via bus. Will walk on nice days.
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Hour and 45 each way. I carpool from WInston Salem to Durham. Almost 6 months.
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75 minutes when traffic is low, when there's a lot of traffic, prolly about 90 minutes. Needless to say, im striving to work more from home. Luckily my boss thinks this is a good idea too.
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Originally Posted by AntiHero84 View Post

5 minute drive (about to change into a 10 minute bike ride.)
1 hour train
20 minute subway.

It kind of sucks, but I get some extra sleep in the morning on the train and get to read some news on the Subway. On my way back home, I get to read a book or take another nap. It's annoying that I'm not able to do more productive things with this time, but it could definitely be worse. The expense is a bit of a killer, though. $3288 yearly for the train, which $2760 is tax deductible. Unfortunately, I guess that's just life in Long Island.

Well, no more subway. Now it's a 15 minute walk, so it's pretty much the same hours. Oh, and my monthly got bumped up to $300 per month, still only $230 per month is tax deductible. frown.gif

Still beats driving. smile.gif
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If it's a good day, then it's a commute from my bed to the desk in my spare room or, even better, my couch and my laptop.

Not a lot of those days recently unfortunately.
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1:15 minutes. Should only be about 50-60 minutes but I have to go through 2 small towns and that slows me down quite a bit.
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10 minutes if I'm unlucky with lights. 6-7 if I'm lucky.

Looking to purchase a decent bicycle at some point so I can cut out the need for a car during the nicer months.
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My office is less than a block away and it takes 175 steps from the back door of my house to the front door of the office. So about 90 seconds.
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10 mi. commute.

20 min mornings
15 min afternoons

it's not bad... i live pretty far away from friends in the metroplex, but i don't really do much on the weekdays anyway so i don't really have a huge downside.

i was skimming through a few of those... how the hell do you guys do 1+ hour commutes? i would hate to do anything more than 30...
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