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Just rented place for new job. From door of apt building, turn right, cross street, up 5 steps. Get on train. Ride 2 stops (5 mins). Get off train. Walk 3 mins. Enter office building. Should make things relatively bearable in -20 degrees.
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Very pleasant! About 8 minutes by car from the door of my farmhouse to class, or about 45 minutes easy walk along a very scenic route.

I consider this my reward for a horrendous commute I used to have. I didn't drive, so it was 50 minutes' walk to the Greyhound station (at 5.30am, as there was only one 'bus going my way), then an hour on the Greyhound, 20 minute-1.5 hour wait for a city 'bus, 30 minutes on the 'bus to campus. It was worse coming back--there was no guarantee that the city 'bus would run, or that Greyhound would run, either.... and if it did I had up to a two hour wait!
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5 minute walk, and this in Tokyo, which is notorious for its hellish train commutes.
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I take a half hour LRT ride to my office. It's basically the lamest subway in the world (only one track in the whole city going straight north and south with about 13 stops.) I sit there and read a Details magazine wearing a suit... and for a few minutes pretend I'm on the subway very urban like New York or London. You don't even have to buy a ticket, in 7 years no one has ever checked.
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15 minute drive + 30 minute metro. If I drove the whole way it would just be 30 mins, but parking costs $ and metro is cheap.
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Door - to - door, about 1hr using bus, train, subway, walk. Faster if I drove but tolls and parking are expensive. I get some of my best sleep on the train ride.
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Am I the only one who feels like a loser taking the bus but is OK with taking the subway?
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Originally Posted by Nantucket Red View Post
5 minute walk, and this in Tokyo, which is notorious for its hellish train commutes.

Impressive! how did you pull that off? when I lived in tokyo I dreamed of a living situation such as yours.

My commute is a 2 min drive from my house on one side of town, all the way to the office on the other side of town. (it's a very small town). Courthouse is in the middle, and compared to the average lawyer, I probably save 2 hours commuting/courthouse errand time each day because of it. A couple days a week I take the logging roads through the hills for 45 min to a slightly larger town for additional work. I know guys in alaska that have to take seaplanes.
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45 minute train trip. Always get a seat, read in the morning, listen to music and sleep in the evening.

Get off here:

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15 minutes to airport 1 About an hour or so to airport 2 Could be much worse.
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A ten minute twisty-windy drive ... on those days I go in. Otherwise ... I walk to my study.
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Bed to desk... usually takes hours.
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School: 15-20 minute walk with great views of the ocean. Work: 10 minute walk or 5 minute drive, then 10 minutes with our boat. Alternatively 20 minute drive and then a short 2 minute boat trip. (I work as a sailing coach at the local yacht club, which is located on a small island just outside the city)
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5 minutes, through a uni that has fairly attractive students.
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My commute is long but I love it:
Home to train station: 2 minutes
Home station to main Station: 50 minutes
Walk to Subway station: 5 minutes
Subway to office subway: 3 minutes
Walk to office: 3 minutes

A little over an hour but I can do it all without an umbrella or the stress of driving. And I can sleep most of the way if I like.
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