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Thanks for the suggestion.
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Have any Canadians tried ordering from The Tie Bar? I really like what I see, but I'm worried about taxes, duty, and brokerage fees, since they ship with FedEx.
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I've ordered one tie and some tie bars from them, never been hit with extra duty or brokerage fees.
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thanks all for the great feedback:slayer:icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif I appreciated all inputs on these 5 pages. the balance i think speaks true about the good and bad of tie bar.

I recently upgraded 2 suits ( one I picked up after Friday - Herringbone Charcoal ) and a blue pinstripe just ordered from L&S (Izzy) in NYC.

I went online saw some good looking colors on the tie bar but was concerned at 15$. Seeing this post and of course doing independent research i targeted Zegna's on ebay and ended up getting 8 zegnas and one lorenzo cana (most used). 3 from IDFNL. :slayer

Beautiful ties from the pics and I am sure I will be happy as they come in over next few weeks saved all my Good ties, purged about 13 older ties that were not good quality and these new purchases colors/styles will pretty much fill out my needs.

Ok so where do peeps buy cufflinks from online? biggrin.gif update: liking the kent wang website for cufflinks
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Tie Bar? How about Tie Rack:
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I did get a great silver tie bar at (try to not get confused), which admittedly is not the best quality, but it is more than serviceable. It is slim 1 1/2 inches(?) or so, and isn't shiny at all, so it is rather subtle. Much better deal than there ties imo.

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I just ordered two slim tie clips (1 inch and 1 1/2 inch). It is really hard to find them here in France. Even if I would be willing to spend $300 in a luxurious one I would not know where to look for (for a slim one, we do have a lot of standard width ones).

Anyway, I don't expect high quality, I just hope this will do the trick smile.gif !
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has anyone purchased pocket squares from this site?
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Yeah me - what do you want to know?
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I bought four of these recently - ordered them for the first time. All four ties were silk, and all of them of the narrower variety (2.5" or 3"). I received them from the company very quickly. Unfortunately, I had to send two of them back - one because I misordered (thought I ordered the 3" but it looks like I mistakenly requested a 3.5") and the other because there was a small pull on the front that was visible from a few feet away. The one that was the wrong size had a very noticeable plastic/chemical odor to it that was not present on the others. It probably would have resolved itself over time, but I still would have sent it back for this reason alone had I ordered the correct size in the first place, since I was already sending a mailing back to the company with the defective tie.

So, already not a great experience. I've since worn the two that I'm keeping. I actually didn't read the mixed reviews in here until after I made the order. My overall impression is that, quality-wise, these are OK-ish at best - definitely lower grade than what I normally wear, and although I own a couple of Brionis and a few Stefano Riccis, most of what I normally wear cost me in the $12-$45 range new. I normally shop for ties at Century 21 in NYC, Nordstrom Rack, Niemann Marcus's discount store and Saks off-5th. These are pretty great places to get good ties at discounted prices, especially when they have sales/coupons on top of the discounted prices. That being the case, I didn't see great value in ties, except in the designs. Even though I'm not particularly impressed with the silk quality or the overall look of ties, I will admit that there is something to be said for scrolling through hundreds of design patterns and finding exactly or nearly exactly what you were looking for and getting whatever width you want as well. If you really want a broad selection of narrower ties (and I was specifically on the site looking for particular striped patterns that i hadn't been able to find elsewhere, in 2.5 and 3.0 inch sizes) this place could be considered a go-to (if not exactly a godsend). And I don't know about others, but when I'm dealing in slimmer ties, I think you can get away with going lower-end without sacrificing as much in look. I'd really rather not wear a low-end 3.5 or 3.75 inch tie, but with the narrow ties of just about any make, you use smaller knots, don't concern yourself much with dimpling and have a less elegant drape to begin with. So wearing one of these at a narrow width is do-able for me if I happen to really like the pattern.

I found these ties to be comparable in quality to what you get from the Geoffrey Beanes or Perry Ellis Portfolios that you see at discount stores for around $8.99-$11.99. I also recently purchased a couple of ties at clearance prices ($14) from Joseph A Bank's "heritage collection" (their narrower ties) and I thought that the JosAB ties were a bit better. I've seen some comments in here that stuff compares well to ties that cost as much as $75 elsewhere, and I'm kind of stunned by that. Even $75 at full retail puts you at Brooks Brothers level, and I cannot imagine how anybody would think that these ties are as good or even nearly as good as a Brooks Brothers tie. $75 at Saks off 5th gets you near Brioni.

Again, I could be spoiled by all of the discount stores in my area, but I don't know how anybody could say that they're any better in quality than most of what can be had for $15-$35 in other brands, like Behar, Talbot, Battistoni, etc. Heck, Century 21 sells Alteas for $12.95 and those are significantly better quality silk and better-made than tiebar ties. Now, do they sell slim Altea ties there? No. Is the selection of designs on the rack less extensive than what can be had at Yes, without question. Is it fair to compare ties to ties outside the $20 range, as it's no longer strictly apples to apples? I guess maybe not, but if a substantial step up can be achieved by spending as little as $5-$10 more on the tie, I'd personally just rather spend the extra money. I mean, that's why I already have ties in those prices ranges in my closet to begin with.

So it is with an eye towards getting a huge selection of designs in just about whatever width you want that is the main reason why I would recommend I actually don't think that they compare all that well, quality-wise, with some of the ties I personally (and anybody who lives in or near a major city) can get for the same price or only slightly more, but they do compare well with ties that retail for those amounts. And if you happen to live in an area that has only Macy's, Marshalls (and stuff of that ilk) and the company stores of clothing retailers, I think that could be your "value" stop, as you probably will do better there for the price than most of your brick-and-mortar options.

For me, I probably will order from them again at some point, but it will be because I really wanted a particular pattern and hadn't seen it anywhere else, not because I think the products are great in general.
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I don't think I will purchase I tie from there but they have nice pocket squares which I have a few of

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Just an update on my experience.  As I previously posted, I ordered four but had to return two.  Of the two that came back, I now need to return one (it has a couple of minor but noticeable spots of discoloration).  A 50% success rate is fine when I'm manually going through the discount racks at a store, as I can just avoid the problem specimens.   But it's a lot more annoying when ordering from a mail-order company. 

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no love for tie bar? 


Can't say I'm an expert on ties, but the quality has been pretty good considering the price point. It's definitely much better than most retail brands that cost at least two or three times as much. They're no Sam Hobers, but it is definitely a great way to build out a rotation at fifteen dollars a pop. Out of my rotation so far, only my Hober ties and tie bar ties have been holding steady while most of my mall brand ties, which were purchased in a similar time frame, are already showing their age and deterioration.  

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I have probably three-four tie bar bowties and two ties, I have had two of the bowties for over a year and they are still holding up well. For a cheap alternative to more expensive ties, just my two cents.

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A few weeks ago I ordered three silk knits in the regular 2.75 in. width.
I returned them immediately. They were too "thin", that is not "crunchy"
enough. Ties at local retailers run around $100, some are on sale now
at 50% off. However, these ties are much more substantial and produce
knots appropriate to my spread and cutaway collar shirts.
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