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Good Tailor? Richmond VA?

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Anyone have any recommendations? I have tried Zimm and he seems capable of doing hems and repairs, but not true 'fit tailoring'. I have tried Vincent and he is quite pricey and again does not seem to have the patience to really get the fit right.
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Yeah, Zim is sort of over rated. Haven't tried anyone since.
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In asking the question, I should have defined my expectations. Obviously I am aware that a RTW suit will probably never be as well fit as a MTM. That being said, I don't think it too much to have a tailor interested in more than just the vertical and horizontal sizing (sleeves, pant legs, waist). As well, I am not that interested in someone who will tell me how "if I was doing a MTM then...". Is it unrealistic that one can locate a nice (Oxxford, Brioni, Canali, Borelli, upper end Hickey or such) and so long as it generally fits well, have it tailored so it looks good? The best guy I have ever found is the guy who owns Franco's...but I'd prefer not to pay retail to get a good tailor. If I am washed up or wrong in my expectations, pls whack me on the head.
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Subscribing in case someone offers a good recommendation. I've just been using cheap tailors. They get the job done, but I'm in looking for someone better to go to.
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was going to a tailor not far from francos on lakeside ave...but he died anyone tried the one on bellvue? pardon me i'm only familiar with those on the northside of town
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Bumping this in hopes someone has a recommendation. In addition to some hemming, I also need a sportcoat taken in at the waist ...
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Thanks for the bump. If anyone finds a good one post up. Ill try my luck here in a few weeks on one of my coats and suits and post up.
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bump.  tried zimm and waiting on the result.  my expectations aren't terribly high.  looking for someone who really cares about nailing the fit.

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