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What color, interior, trim combo to go with on 11' 335i coupe

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After lots of consideration, I have decided to go with the 2011 335i x-drive coupe for my next car. For options going with:

Cold Weather Package$600
M Sport Package$3,000
Premium Package$2,650
STEPTRONIC automatic transmission$1,375
Navigation system$2,100
Harman Kardon surround sound system$875

I am also going to be utilizing the 'EuroDelivery method' which the salesperson completley talked me into, but also from researching the option it seems like a great experience and deal (you save quite a bit of $$$ even taking into account the travle costs, plus its buy one ticket get on free round trip).

Price for the eurodelivery with the model I selected is $41k (plus options of course, which the sales guy said would be invoice cost), it also includes:
European Delivery price includes:

•14 days of free, road insurance
•Tourist registration
•Factory preparation
•European inland transportation from the drop-off point to the nearest port
•Marine insurance
•Customs duty and clearance
•U.S. port processing and accessory installation
•Wharf and handling fees

Besides all the that I am having trouble deciding on a color scheme, since I am doing the M package, all colors are open to me (I think) including the Lemans Blue.

For exterior I am considering: Vermilion Red, Le Mans Blue, Space Gray, and maybe Black Sapphire.

Interior: Saddle Brown (really leaning toward this); or Black or maybe Gray Dakota.

Trim: I have no idea, actually considering Dark Glacier Aluminum instead of wood, as seen here with the saddle leather:


also here is the 'build your own link' to view the color combos:
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blue saddle brown aluminum or red black aluminum
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Originally Posted by grundletaint View Post
saddle brown



I also think white with saddle looks very nice, but I cant get over how feminine the white version looks (imo)
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i can't stand white cars unless it's a range rover. red is borderline girly and also catches the cops' eyes. i'd do blue or black if i were you. FWIW i don't like BMW wood trim and the aluminum looks dope.
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I like silver, black, or blue. I'm not a fan of white or red. You've selected a good set of options for the car.
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I always liked white, red leather and aluminum
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I actually think the space gray with the M-package and saddle/aluminum would look nice... its a darker grey metallic. I think this is it:
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grey with black interior
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Definitely brown interior. Black or Grey is just too stale boring. Brown feels more lush and warm. Red interior is even nicer, with the lighter standard aluminum trim I think would be hot. Dark Glacier Aluminum would be nice.
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^ I recently saw the red interior with black ext. and didnt really like it, the red kinda felt to flashy, almost looked cheap to me...

I agree though I think regardless of whatever color I go for outside (or trim) I am going to do the saddle brown.
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are you allowed to do Individual colors? Malachit Grun and Calypso Rot are the shit dreams are made of, doggie. Get saddle brown and wood of some sort, aluminum and the 'cube' trim looks cheap. Light wood is comtemporary for our time. It's not a car intended to be a classic down to every detail and it's not an M3 on a weight program, so enjoy a mix of motor/mild lux.
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I just sold my 335 on Wednesday, but it was black sapphire metallic with saddle brown leather and aluminum trim. I ordered these colors specifically and its still my favorite combo, although I dont know what options are available today as I ordered mine in '06.
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I would go for the red exterior with the saddle brown and the aluminum trim.
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Space gray metallic;
coral red/ black Dakota leather;
dark glacier aluminum (or dark burl).
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Am I the only one that thinks the blue with brown interior looks a little funky with the aluminum trim? I think it would look much cleaner with a wood trim that would actually compliment the leather instead of stick out like a sore thumb.
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