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I'm from a big city, and what I've observed is most adults have little to no friends (aside from their workplace). They merely wake up, attend work by themselves, and go home by themselves. Most of their vacation is with their families. Is this to be expected? Nothing wrong with that of course.

This happened to me when I moved to a new city. Literally wake up, go to work and come back to a empty apartment. Repeat day after day. Spending my birthday alone in my apartment was definitely one of the more depressing times of my life.

But as others said life after University is an interesting scenario because up until that point our entire social life was handed to us on a plate and some of us are completely unaware on how to handle this after the fact. Most of us are not taught about this and usually only the certain personality types handle the change well and naturally bounce around new social circles. So if you're not in a job that leads to making lots of friends then you're screwed unless you take control and make things happened. (Working at some IT jobs can suck big time for work friends. I'm sure bar tending would have been a lot better in that aspect)
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Originally Posted by Foldtold View Post

This needs a bump, scared for my future.

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Halloween weekend. Probably the biggest non-event party week at college. This year I chaperoned a school dance, sold my Armin van Buuren ticket and may or may not see Thomas Gold tomorrow night. At least I can watch the Giants play solid baseball right now
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I know it's been said before, but a lot of post-college social life is "what you make of it."

Yeah, in college maybe you lived in a dorm or a college town, and could basically go out and meet/make friends instantly. Turns out there's nothing stopping you from doing that in the "real world" post college.

Hit up a bar or a concert or something else you find interesting; check out some local meetups; hang out with your coworkers if you're lucky enough to have cool ones... all while staying in touch with the buddies you grew up/went to school with.

Yeah, your social network is changing, but you should consider it an expansion, not an evisceration.
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this really scares me

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I can understand your pain.this usually happened when i had done my graduation i can not forget those 3 years.i just discovered that i need to get over this depressing feelings so i tried to break the circul that had been created though the years.i joined some social clubs.met new people and tried to make myself comfortable with new people.though they can not replace my old buddies but it was pretty helpful to yourself such things hope it will work with you.

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This thread reminds me of Kanye West's Good Morning.

Look at the valedictorian,
Scared of the future...
Scared to face the world,
Complacent career student,
Some people graduate, but we're still stupid
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Spending my birthday alone in my apartment was definitely one of the more depressing times of my life.

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When did we become pussies that we're scared of post college life?

I am sure some of your parents and grandparents were immigrants. How much fear do you think they had when they decided to a foreign country with no family, money or have any idea how to speak the local language?

Do you believe your grandma has bigger balls than you?
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