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Raphael in ny

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I have seen posts by Marc that seem to swear by the quality of his product. Any further details on fabrics he tends to recommend, pricing, style, timeframes, etc. would be appreciated.
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Raphael has access to the best of the best cloth from England and Italy. In fact, he has several bolts of terrific cloth which he purchased that is no longer available on the market, such as a particular brown houndstooth cloth that cannot be obtained anywhere but which sits in Raphael's shelf. He's extremely well-versed in how cloth is made and has a fondness for special cloth, such as the very classic 19 oz. Russell plaid with which he made a sport coat for me, and the Barbera cloth made exclusively for H Lesser with which he has made a few jackets for me.
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I'm planning some time in the city over the next few weeks - can I get the specifics of his store - location / phone # etc? Also - how does he fare in the price category - there seems to be a rather broad range that can vary significantly from tailor to tailor.Marc - what specifics of his workmanship are you most satisfied with and how do these vary from other local shops you have used?
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Raphael's shop is called Savile Row New York, 18 E. 53rd St, 800.532.7935. The workmanship is impeccable, largely because he oversees the making of every single garment, in the old-world atelier manner. It's all hand-made and you can watch your garment actually being made stitch by stitch in his shop. He personally does *all* cutting, he still can be found contributing to sewing and construction of the garment, and certainly oversees all of it, and he does all of the fittings. Plaids and striped patterns all match as perfectly as humanly possible, as well as even matching checked and houndstooth designs. I've seen him literally count the lines in a Prince of Wales plaid jacket to make certain each sleeve is perfectly symmetrical down to the exact number of lines--Nobody else I've ever dealt with is so obsessive about the artistic quality of his garments. He will absolutely not let me leave without a garment fitting perfectly. I know of instances in which he re-made a pair of trousers because he was not happy with the pleats. Sadly, all of the other tailors I've dealt with do not have the same level of integrity and pride in the quality of their work. Raphael is the only tailor I know of who ships garments in specially-made boxes in which the garment hangs flat inside the box, on incredibly heavy $35 hangers that are even nicer than those used by Oxxford. That's because he would never want his "artwork" to arrive creased and wrinkled. Renaldo Herrera, husband of Carolina Herrera, the prominent couture designer, said it best when he commented that Raphael takes cloth and thread and turns it into wearable art. By the way, Raphael made old-school tails for Mr. Herrera, for his daughter's wedding, as well as for the groom. His photo appeared in Women's Wear Daily and Vogue. I know all the tailors and tailor imposters and wannabes, and I believe Raphael is the best there is, and his prices are quite reasonable given what goes into them.
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In what price range are his custom suits?
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I hear they start in the $2,750 range but obviously go up from there dependant on fabric selection.
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Originally Posted by Cpal View Post
I hear they start in the $2,750 range but obviously go up from there dependant on fabric selection.

4500 now
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Holy thread bump batman

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So I presume Raphael is the aforementioned 'Tier 1' tailor?
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