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Muscular or skinny?

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Which is the ideal body in your opinion?
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naked of course
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athletic . . . like the model noah mills some may say that's skinny but skinny is like no muscle tone at all in my mind. muscular is more like hugh jackman or ryan reynolds in my mind.
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Iggy Pop is this strange combination of both.
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Rock hard muscles but not in a HUGE MUSCLES way. Like Roger Federer but without one arm being bigger than the other. Maybe skinnier than him. 'cause I'm skinny and I want a chance of being ideal
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Toothpick skinny Skinny Skinny with meat Athletic Athletic with meat HOLY HELL UR FREAKING HUGE Go for the middle one.
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Athletic is the best of both worlds. Huge muscles are not very practical, nor do most girls find it attractive. Skinny with no muscle tone is also just as bad.
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When you're young, both.
When you're old, fit and rich.
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muscular = fit skinny will inevitably because creepy/aids/have a paunch skinny, none of which are good
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I vote eurofag.
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muscular slim, pretty much like Taeyang (if anyone of u knew him, he's a korean singer, anyway here's his pic
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