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Cologne testers?

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Greetings gentlemen, I was looking to purchase some Kenneth Cole cologne off of E-Bay and see a lot of testers floating around for very cheap prices. My question - is a tester as good as a so called "normal" bottle of cologne, or are they best avoided due to possible age/chemical potency concerns?  The description of one of the colognes (link at bottom) says they are the same, but of course that is the person trying to sell said item.  Any advice or thoughts you guys have would be great.  Thanks. Kevin
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I place little credence on tester/sample colognes for the possible reasons you supply.
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From the experience that I've had with them...yes they are the same. Cologne reps are given a certain amount of quote testers to use at their disposal. Sometimes...they are given to customers (perhaps to meet sales quota) when they purchase a 'regular' cologne at 'regular' price. The only thing is that testers are not to be sold. I've used/been given some and can attest they are the same. *Then again I don't sell cologne or work at Saks selling KC so someone who does might 'actually' know.* For 20 pesos you can't beat it. =]
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I'm not as sure about ebay, but lots of good discount cologne stores online like scentiments and perfumebay sell testers at a reduced price as well. I've ordered a good deal of them and have never noticed any lack of potency, quality, etc. The only real difference is you get a bottle with "tester" labelled on it and none of the fancy packaging.
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A good site that sells regular bottles and not testers at reasonable prices is
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Sounds good. Thanks guys. Kevin
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