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I actually thought that all of the models were less attractive and less experienced than in previous seasons. Jeffrey's model has the strangest and most forceful walk as to crush her shoes into the runway. Its so weird.
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Originally Posted by Get Smart
anyone have any favorite MODELS?

I really dig Kayne's model, the redhead that talks too much. she's hot!

I agree with Kayne that the models are there to be seen and not speak. I thought that their choosing a designer was stupid--the world doesn't work like that.

As AS said, Jeffrey's model has a horrible walk. She looks like she's stomping.

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I think for the "everyday woman" challenge, they should pick women "off the street" in New York City, hopefully proportionally average soccer moms who wear mom jeans.
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Originally Posted by rdawson808
What sort of fantasy-world "average" women will it be?

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Originally Posted by rdawson808
Yes, Keith cheated plain and simple. And he earned what he got. That said, he is very good and it was sad to see him do it. As an aside, I'm also suspicious of how much such "cheating" can help. If you don't know how to stitch something that book might have directions but you have to spend your time looking it up and learning the technique (one of the books was on technique, I believe). Just an example. But he cheated, no ifs, ands, or buts. Anyway, that was all terribly anti-climatic. I thought it would be something really bad like sabotaging someone else's work. I didn't see the actual outfits so I'm waiting to see them now. I thought Bonnie was kind of weak, so maybe this was the right choice.
I thought the whole cheating thing was anti-climatic, and was expecting something more scandalous like Keith copying his designs from others as earlier reports were claiming. People had been posting images that showed that Keith's portfolio was exactly the same as other designers, but it turned out that those images were supposed to be part of a trend report. I understand why using a pattern book would be an unfair advantage, but Keith had a patternbook for menswear so I don't see it being that much of an advantage. Since men and women have different shapes and so the clothes would have to fit differently, its not like Keith could have straight up copied those patterns and used them for his own work. And, I really liked the design Bonnie got aufed for- that was my favorite one that week. I still can't believe that Angela won the challenge that week. She's got good tailoring skills, but just awful taste. I blame Angela's win on Macy's International Concepts. Never heard of it, but it sounds like my local radio station, Star 98.7, which middleaged drones listein to to still think they're cool and up to date with today's music.
at the end when Laura and Vincent were bitching, I was almost afraid we were gonna see some Laura nip-slippage..her dress looked like it was ready to fall off her skeletal frame
Don't worry, that image will never permanently scar our retinas. According to Alison's exit inteview, "Yeah I thought Laura and Angela were insane maniacs when I first got here. I think I thought they were both evil in the beginning, I remember saying something like that. Laura went to take her dress off and the sound guys would come in to mic[rophone] her in the morning and stand there with her pasties on." And, on Alison's myspace page, she's got this animated icon making fun of Angela, with the words 'killit' underneath.
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Originally Posted by Saucemaster
Alright, so Allison's piece was weak this time around, but for fuck's sake, Vincent's head has been in the noose for weeks now. Just kick the chair out from under him already. Allison had a bad week; Vincent hasn't produced anything good yet. Plus, I'm with Get Smart. There went the eye candy.

Given the demographics of the viewing audience, I suspect that Keith was supposed to be the eye candy.

Too bad that Allison-with-an-i turned out to be such a freaking narcissist in her interview, where she claimed that the producers are out to sabatoge her by giving her gimpy, fatty models:,6115,1228212_3||471611_0_,00.html

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Alison, if I had a bigger salary, I totally would have put money on you to make it until the end. I really thought it might be an Alison-Uli finale.

ALISON KELLY: I think everyone is horrified. I guess they could only have one blond girl.

EW: Do you really think you got kicked off for not bringing enough drama?

AK: That's the unfortunate thing about TV. At the same time, I think I came across really well, and I've gotten so much exposure from it. The fact that I was eliminated is going to cause so much attention. People are going to be shocked and appalled.

EW: What was up with the hair-bow situation?

AK: I had an idea for the hair, to do a little bow. The hair people put up her hair, but they weren't going to do the final bow until right before she went out. They did this huge flop instead of this tiny bow. I got a lot of crap from the judges for styling. But it was out of my control. The hair wasn't how I wanted it to be.

EW: You didn't seem too happy with your model. Was she really that big? I mean, was she a size 4 instead of a size 2?

AK: No, she's a lot bigger than me. She's absolutely gorgeous, but she shouldn't be a runway model. She's maybe a size 8 or a 10. She's not thin at all.

EW: Why would the producers put in a model who's not runway-model size?

AK: So people like me get eliminated. They threw in someone who had scoliosis whose shoulders are three inches different. Did you ever notice whoever's designing for Nazri often wins? There are three models who seem to win. It's because they have model bodies. I was cursed from the beginning. I had the model with scoliosis the first time "” that's why I don't think I won the dog challenge. And this time, my model chose me. I was like, ''Oh no!''

EW: And Jeffrey? He seems to be a bit of a controversial character.

AK: He's definitely an elitist. He thinks he's the best one there. He's playing up his character, though. He's really nice and down to earth and awesome, and I like him. I understand his aesthetic, and I think his clothes are great. We just relate to each other. He says what I'm thinking but don't want to say.

EW: Did you think there was a judge who got your style?

AK: I thought Heidi did at the beginning, but then she turned on me. I think Vera Wang did. I liked having her there. I think my stuff is fashion forward and innovative, and that can be intimidating or not understood well.

EW: Now that you're out, who's going to make it to the top two?

AK: I'd have wanted to see either me or Jeffrey in the end, so Jeffrey. And no one else really blew me away, honestly.

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Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim
All I want is a retroactive Santino Rice victory. Since he actually deserved to win last season.

I only saw a few eps from last season, but it looked to me like Santino had that show on lock.
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Originally Posted by dusty
I only saw a few eps from last season, but it looked to me like Santino had that show on lock.

he started that way and was fading towards the end, being in the bottom 3 a few times. The judges kept thinking he was out of control and didnt adhere to his project challenges. Daniel V seemed to have it in the bag, winning like every challenge. But then he completely dropped the ball in the finale with the worst stuff he'd done all season. Surprisingly Santino kicked ass in the finale but got robbed when he didnt win. Probably a good thing because he would have been miserable working for BR, whereas Chloe was a perfect fit for that company.
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i think the show deserved the Emmy for best reality competition series. it is certainly the most interesting to watch.
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Well, we now have both Angela and Vincent gone. Thoughts? I think they both deserved it. Angela is a macaroni artist, as Jeffrey said. And Vincent may have had the touch in the 70s but he seems to have lost it. And he seems a bit too self-confident. Then again so do some of the others.

It looks like Laura will finally go too--but not for the right reasons. I hate to see her fave to leave for medical reasons for something. But I would love to see the judges just nail her for her hauty (pun intended) design and for having so little range.

I think Michael will be in the final along with Uli and Jeffrey. Laura and Kayne will be next to go.

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I agree. Kayne will probably be the next unless he pulls something really spectacular out of his hillbilly ass.

Michael's been my pick since the first episode to be in the final 3 (I cant believe no one was blown away by his coffee filter dress on the first challenge) and is my fave to win it all. Deservingly. He has no attitude and like the judges keep saying his designs are well thought out and "smart".

It's hard to believe he didnt make the cut for season 2!! Unless he really sucked one year ago, he could have been a final 4 last year as well.
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Kayne's been getting by on his dress-making experience. The judges seem to have a lot of respect for craft this year.

Vincent just didn't get it. He was wishy washy with himself, but couldn't take criticism at all. He never had anything to say so far as his inpiration/defense of his designs.

I think Michael will be in the final along with Uli and Jeffrey.

I would like to see collections from each of them. I think Uli is the least tied to trends, but she does get a little same-y.

I've been surprised to find myself rooting for Jeffrey so much; I did not like him early on. During the moms challenge, Angela/her mom annoyed the crap out of me, and I sympathized with Jeffrey.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782
I've been surprised to find myself rooting for Jeffrey so much; I did not like him early on. During the moms challenge, Angela/her mom annoyed the crap out of me, and I sympathized with Jeffrey.

me too. First week I wanted to see him go, but I've grown to like the you, I was on his side during the Angela mom fight and turned me over to his camp.
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Originally Posted by shoreman1782
I've been surprised to find myself rooting for Jeffrey so much; I did not like him early on. During the moms challenge, Angela/her mom annoyed the crap out of me, and I sympathized with Jeffrey.
Yes, Jeffrey has sort of won me over as well, even though that neck tattoo is so incredibly distasteful.
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I thought it was very funny and ironic that Vincent said he is the only one with experience making couture dresses and that this was his area of expertise and then he lost on the challenge where they were supposed to create a couture dress. Anyway, he was a douche so I'm glad they kicked him off. Count me in the Michael camp as well.
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