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I liked Vera Wang as a judge better than Michael Kors. His explanations for looks are just as "fab!" as he thinks he is. For example, He called a dress with a burlap shawl for the Barbie Challenge last season, "It looks like Barefoot Applachian Lil' Abner Barbie" Whatever. Tonight's episode preview hints that the challenges awaiting the designers are going to become very tough. Hope to see something spectacular.
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Michael Kors looks like a rube.
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He has a "Steve Jobs" persona about him (Mac fans will know what I'm talking about) He always has the same freaking uniform (ie. a black blazer, black t-shirt, jeans, and black shoes).
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He has a tacky aspect about him that betrays his likely modest beginings and which he compensates for with his very Jet-Set clothing that is like an unconscious homage to Halston; he lacks the finesse of Roy Halston largely due to his own personality.
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omg i cannot believe they sent allisonhome... are the judges on crack??!!!
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I predict the final 3 will be Kayne, Uli, and Michael. Get your predictions in. Even though I hate Jeffery, I thought for sure he would win this one. I dislike him now more than I ever had Keith.
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Okay first my general comments:

Jeffrey deserved that win more. As Kors noted, his garment actually moved. And it looked great. I like Michael and his design was good, but Jeffrey's was better.

Allison should have stayed, Vincent should have gone.

I hate Laura. I've said it before, she's a one trick pony. Her designs can be beautiful and I like them, but it's the only thing she can do. "She designs for herself," as Kors said. Why don't they admit that that's a fault. They certainly complain about contestants not designing for the client--why not with her?

Now my rant:

I am sickened by Heidi Klum's assertion that Allison made her model look like "a plus-size model". She (the model) looked like she was wearing a size 4, for f---'s sake. Plus size? Thank you for supporting all of those horrible beliefs that women must be 5'10" and 120lbs to be beautiful. We can chalk up another dozen 13 year-olds having anorexia to Klum's dumb ass. And thank you for so horribly insulting any woman who doesn't fit a size 4 or smaller. Apparently in Klum's world they would be grossly obese or something.

Yes, I know this is supposed to be about haute couture (but then why design using trash or plants?) but if they want a challenge, try designing for 5'7" 160lbs and a 38F chest. Or even the average American woman who probably wears a size 10 or 12 rather than the size 0 or 2 that these models wear. Btw, next week's challenge is supposed to be for the everyday woman (I can't remember their exact words). What sort of fantasy-world "average" women will it be?

I really wish someone, any of the designers (especially the women) would have bitched them out over this crap. Not even to their faces, but at least to the camera after. Please someone have some tiny shred of a grasp on reality.

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This episode disappointed me because Allison was eliminated. Vincent needed to be "auf'd". And I loved the little verbal fight at the end with Laura and Vincent. Laura: "The girl couldn't move Vincent. I can't believe you!" Vincent: "Oh why don't you stick some Harry Winstons up your nose!" WTF?
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I'm bummed my eye candy is gone.

I was sure Vincent was a goner, eps with his track record and that horrid walking "art piece"
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Originally Posted by ArtisticShowcase
This episode disappointed me because Allison was eliminated. Vincent needed to be "auf'd". And I loved the little verbal fight at the end with Laura and Vincent.

Laura: "The girl couldn't move Vincent. I can't believe you!"

Vincent: "Oh why don't you stick some Harry Winstons up your nose!"


I loved Vincent's response to Laura's carping. She has no right to bitch at him--he didn't make the decision. And she can take her fancy jewels and shove them up her nose.

She's rich and full of herself and only seems to know one thing. Christ, she was wearing riding gear to the recycling facility. She probably has horses stabled in Connecticut. She asked Jeffrey why he was there if he was so succesful already, but the same could be asked of her. Why? You have it all. Let some young designers who need exposure have a chance.

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at the end when Laura and Vincent were bitching, I was almost afraid we were gonna see some Laura nip-slippage..her dress looked like it was ready to fall off her skeletal frame
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Alright, so Allison's piece was weak this time around, but for fuck's sake, Vincent's head has been in the noose for weeks now. Just kick the chair out from under him already. Allison had a bad week; Vincent hasn't produced anything good yet. Plus, I'm with Get Smart. There went the eye candy.
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That challenge was Jeffrey's to win, he got stiffed. It was the only one so far that worked to his strengths. Now he'll be even jerkier than usual. Robert & Vincent will be rolling soon.

Laura and Angela, hate them as I do, are there for the drama.

I predict Michael to be the winner. Ulli can't win, as a euro-transplant woman won last year (if I rememebr right). Kayne can't win, as a gay hick with wacky taste won the first year. If Michael wins, it cement's the show's rise out of "marginal niche Bravo novelty" to a more mainstream appeal (Which its reaching, as its Wednesday night's highest rated Cable show). Also, the show has completely been edited to make us like him: His playing "Sir. Save-a-Ho" when people were ganing up on Angela, Him calling his mother, etc. His character is "above the pettiness".

I'm I the only one who misses Brendon? EVery show needs a loveably feeble spaceshot.
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Overall, this show has made me lose any sort of respect I had for Klum.
She offended plus size woman, by saying a plus size "MODEL" was an unattractive aspect of her design.
And she likes to use the phrase "that looks cheap" or "that looks expensive" waaaaaaay too often. Luckily she's a model cause I don't think she could get by on her brains.
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anyone have any favorite MODELS?

I really dig Kayne's model, the redhead that talks too much. she's hot!
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