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reviving this thread. thanks for all the input thus far.

anyone else have any other camera bag options? i do like the idea of using a filson small field bag and placing an insert in it...
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there aren't to many options to be honest. I have a lowepro but I bought it for functionality not to be stylish. Domke imo has great bags and they are durable. Kata's bag's are useful but aren't very stylish. Crumpler is trying to be stylish but it isn't working out. If you want a stylish bag do what was mentioned before and just stick an insert into your favorite bag.
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Have you looked at billingham? Similar aesthetic to filson but saves you the trouble of finding an insert that fits. I would have bought one myself if I had the cash, but I settled on a domke ripoff from ebay that I'm happy with
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I bought this padded insert and tucked it into an old medium-sized canvas work bag I have. Worked great. Not much room for more than one SLR body and a lens, but that was enough for me. Took up about half of my bag. Offered great protection. Plus my bag didn't scream "I HAVE A CAMERA IN HERE" for all would-be robbers, pick pocketers, etc.

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