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Camera Bags

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I'm looking for a camera bag for my new canon dslr, and am turning to you guys for some ideas and/or suggestions.

Basically, I need something that:
  • is simple, yet stylish
  • preferably with a shoulder strap
  • holds a dslr including a extra lens or two
  • waterproof would be a plus

Currently, I have a canon bag that came with my camera. But it feels way too bulky, and i don't like the fact that it looks like a camera bag.

Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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incase has a nice one
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Originally Posted by ppllzz View Post
incase has a nice one

thanks! the sling pack looks kinda promising...
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If you like the more classic look, try looking at:

Billingham bags:


More top-end, Fogg bags are very nice, hand made from France:


If you like a more urban feel, try Artisan & Artist, Japanese but less than the prior two brands.

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For the more budget conscious, this one seems pretty decent. Domke has a good rep in the camera community:

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Supreme's waist bags make for dope SLR cases.
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I've heard good things about lowepro, not sure how "stylish" they are though
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I'm in the market for one too. Since I'm traveling abroad I don't want one that screams out: "I have a camera in this bag, please mug me." This one looks pretty cool. Can't comment on the quality. http://compare.ebay.com/like/2206028...PriceItemTypes
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Pelican makes some soft bags that are pretty nice and reliable. Have them in different colors too, in case you want to avoid rob-me-I-have-a-camera-black.
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Domke waxwear.
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Usually what I do is I put it in this Centrios bag I bought from The Source(cost me 30 bucks) and I stuff it in my puma backpack. But some of the suggestions can work pretty well.
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Can anyone recommend a good DSLR backpack? I prefer to wear a backpack while shooting. I know KZO made one but they don't make it anymore. And honestly I thought it was kind of ugly.
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there arent many good-looking camera backpacks out there, but I'd recommend the new Kata Bumblebee series. they look promising, if a bit pricey
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Get a Tenba messenger insert for $30-40 or however much it costs and put it in your favourite shoulder/messenger bag. Viola, stylish camera bag!
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Such a hole in the market for stylish ones. The Crumpler range are varied - their catalogue is hilarious at least.
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