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Why bother with Lee if you're this anal? There's the 101Z, the 101S, and the 101B (although you can add other fits like the logger, too). Stop trying to push a round peg into a square hole.
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Anybody tried the Lee 101b for Jcrew? They say it's japanese selvedge but skeptical of Jcrew quality.

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Originally Posted by JohnnyAce View Post

Anybody tried the Lee 101b for Jcrew? They say it's japanese selvedge but skeptical of Jcrew quality.

J Crew isn't making anything in these collabs with Red Wing, Levi's, etc. other than putting their name on the product and changing a few minor details. Any quality concerns should be with Lee itself, which tends to be a brand (especially the 101 line) that has a reputation for being problem-free.

That said, the denim is most likely from Kaihara since they use several different denims (13.25, 13.5, 13.75, 14 oz) for different models in the 101 line. Visually, hand, etc. it's comparable to Cone. It's definitely not as interesting as the Warehouse x Lee or the other Lee collabs, but it's not awful, either. That said, the non-J Crew 101 b can typically be found for less than J Crew's retail.
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Hoping for help id'ing a pair of raw japanese 101z that i recently picked up at a thrift. Love the fit, but I can't figure out the model. I can add pics if needed. Here are the details.

7 belt loops
half-selvedge (or whatever is the preferable term)
Talon zip (not a talon 42; only marking is a 1 on the back)
Copper "UFO" rivets with lee etched into the metal
left hand twill
Brown leather patch on back with the Lee 'twitch' lettering and R - M.R.
Woven inner waistband label saying "Lee R-M.R." in gold thread, then: Riders - Sanforized - Waist - Union Made. (the label is not centered, but sewn (on the inside) opposite the outside leather patch
rear pockets unlined
union label stitched into right rear pocket that says some stuff, including '101'

modern inside label that says things like
made under license by H.D. Lee...
size 33
Lee - 2965
8524 - 1607

The denim itself is not a very deep dark indigo like I seem to see on, say, the 1966. Strictly looking at online pics, which I know is sketchy, the color looks close to this "12oz 5 Dips Dry" pair on cultizim:

Any help is appreciated. I wasn't sure I would like Lee jeans but, once i tried them on, I immediately loved them. They're really different than other denim I wear. I've been wearing a few vintage leather waist length jackets lately and the ginormous rise on the Lees suits these jackets better than most of my other jeans. Almost like Lady Luck new what I needed more than I did.
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Hi all,

Which version is that Denim Jacket. Anyone know the retail price and production in USA or other countries.
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I recently got my hands on a pair of selvedge Lee 101 Riders that were made in turkey. The denim looks nice, left hand twill with some mill flaws. Anyone know where the denim might be from?
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I got a new pair of Lee 101z and on the tag it says that lee 101 makes there denim on the same narrow looms that they made their original lee jeans on. It also says that the looms were shipped  to Japan. Making the selvedge Japanese denim….


I just love my Lee 101z 23oz…. Great denim.

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wow, 23oz ............

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Please present photos

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It’s time I take some evo pics… bounce2.gif

Between you and me, I’ve been cheating and wearing them in the summer on days when it’s less than 90 degrees.


Iron Hearts are better, but this denim is actually super soft and more ridged than my mom’s Iron Heart 22oz jeans. The rivets on these are also insanely nice and heavy-duty. They also stand up and keep out water if you take a shower in them. My favorite jeans…smile.gif











Gotta love the gold line selvedge


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Good photos,  Iron Hearts are great too! The matter is how to clean it against hot summer weather. People wearing will be melting under the sun with your jeans 23oz. The better way to clean and keep out from odor without color fake away.

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I soak them in cool water with Dr. Bronner’s magic soaps, it’s really easy on the denim and makes them smell fresh and minty. It also has some sort of magic properties in removing starch.



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Thx for your advise, 


I wanna try this - Peppermint Liquid Soap - 16 oz.  How many wash for a bottle of peppermint.   

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Anymore alternatives worth trying in term of cleaning solution

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