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I have been to a bachelor party once where the guy getting merried was... a total bore. Paintball turned out to a to violent game for him. Okay - He was dressed in a white bunny costume out in a forest, and the rest of us as 'hunters', so... He hates to drink and "forgot" his beer all the time and everywhere. In the car, in the men's room etc. We replaced it everytime, but still he managed to stay sober. We had also gotten a mighty fine stripper to come over. She placed him on a chair and started her show with him in the center of her attention In the end of the show, she wanted to rub her tits in his face, but, because he wasn't drunk, he politely rejected her with the words: If you take of my glasses I can't see you. So please don't. His sster later told us that he hated the whole day. The morale would be: If you know that the dude wont like what you are planning, find something else to do.