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Bradford: terribly sorry to hear the news. But as one who's been shown the door in the past, I'll remind you of the importance of getting on the phone with as many people as you can right now. As many others have already pointed out, there are scads of people looking for good people. But you've got to make sure your name is at the top of their mental list. And working your contacts now — even if you might not feel like it — will pay dividends. Keep your chin up and your attitude positive. It'll all turn out just fine. It's Karma.
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As a person who's suffered through frequent and long periods of unemployment, I can say that things will get better very soon if you give your best effort to finding a new career. Good luck, man.
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I am going to suggest something little unusual - last year I left a job that I really didn't like. I made a mistake and joined a startup that failed, but that was partially because I really wanted out. but, my boss tried to screw me, and kept me worried for the whole year.

last week I talked to a labor lawyer, spent a few hundred bucks on it, but she told me that my boss had actually done serveral illigal things in his treatment of me, and it gave me a good understanding of my rights.

I would suggest to anybody to talk to a lawyer when changing jobs. just to be on the safe side.
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I agree with Zach's conclusion. Got me a bit of extra cash.
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Sorry to hear this Bradford. I'm on the hunt for a new job as well--and have an interview this coming Friday. I'm sure your search will be fruitful.

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