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Clothing ideas

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I believe this has been asked in other posts but I would like a consolidated one..... I would like to hear everyone's comments on what colors, designs, cuts, etc.. would be most flattering to guys that are considered on the short side. From casual to business to dinner wear, everything that would help give an elusion of height. Commenting on what exercises and such would be welcomed to. TIA....
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try on whatever you want. buy whatever you like.
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Only one other response, so I thought I would post some thougths. I believe I read this in Dress for Success-- If you are worried about your youth working against you, wear something very obviously expensive--something a boy could not possibly buy. An obviously expensive watch, a stickpin made with a valuable jewel or gold coin, neckties of only the highest quality. I don't wear Mickey Mouse watches or Scooby Doo neckties, but the primary reason is because I think they are silly. As far as suits go, I would recommend paying careful attention to wearing a suitcoat that is not too long in the torso, or too long at the sleeve. If you are a 38 short, you may be tempted to go for a 40 regular because there is greater selection, but in selecting a suitcoat that is too long, you run the risk of emphasizing your short stature. Wearing heavier soled shoes may give you an inch of height. I had a girlfriend who was in design who claimed that dark colors (dark grey and black) made heavy people look thiner. I wasn't convinced, but. . . Bic
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-define 'short' -two ideas in regards to creating illusion of height: 1. increase the vertical aspects/draw the eyes up/down:    -incorporate pinstripes; avoid busy patterns    -wear 'fitted' clothes; not too tight, not too loose       -pleats thicken a profile, but while pleats in dress pants are        intended to do that, the 'fitted' factor is still important (i.e.,        watch the 'zoot suit' effect.    -flat front or single pleat    -dark colors deemphasize weight (dark colors recede from eye)    -if wearing a tie, make sure tip extends to belt line.    -pants length: cover the shoe so that no sock shows; the     highwater look only works with thin, retro-mod. and tends to     decreases height appearance. actually, let me rethink this, as     the point of having shirt sleeve cuffs show from underneath a     a jacket's cuff is to elongate the arm...    -have good posture 2. decrease the horizontal aspects:    -avoid horizontal stripes or choose single or 'a few' stripe     pattern (not the whole shirt)    -avoid 'too' baggy clothes    -beware of how you wear lighter colors (emphasize weight)    -avoid heavier fabrics (tweed) emphasize weight    -avoid suit jackets with excessive shoulder padding the main idea is to find a balance for the proportions of your body type. find someone (famous or not; could also be a few different people, each representing some factor) you resemble in terms of shape, height, skin tone, etc. and see what 'works' for them. that should be a starting point. hopefully you have some sense of identity which would prevent you from becoming a carbon copy. also, here's a fine resource: http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/How%20t....ody.htm and http://askandyaboutclothes.com/Forum...p?TOPIC_ID=586
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Jacket length on the short side; barely long enough to cover the rear end. Makes the legs look longer.
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As some others have said, if you want to look taller use vertical lines in shirts, and dark colors. If you want to look wider use squared clothes and white colors. A beard makes your face look longer, however if you face is very squared I would not advice having one.
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