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RTW Suits with an 8-inch drop?

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Where can I find them? Apparently, I have an 'athletic' build (38 Chest, 30 waist) and am having difficulty finding quality suits that have properly fitting pants. I've thought about getting the waist taken in on some 32W's but I'd imagine the pants would then be too baggy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to avoid MTM at the moment, but if need be, I'll check out Mr. Ned when I arrive in NYC.
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You should be able to find a 38R with slim pants that can be taken in without looking off. I tried on a gorgeous Isaia the other day with very slim pants that fit more like a 30 or 31 than a 32.
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Are there any other suit brands that you can recommend looking into for slim pants? I'm eyeing suits on ebay and STP so trying them on is not an option.
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The latest Paul Smith suit I was checking out (from the F/W PS line) has a great single button jacket, with really slim trousers and have an 8" drop. The 38 jacket I tried came with 30 trousers, tapered and slim legged.
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I bought a Belvest suit from STP that had an 8"-drop. I don't know whether that's normal for them or particular to that suit.

You can also buy separates from stores like BB.
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You can also look at manufacturers who suits come as seperates where you can buy a seperate jacket and seperate pants. That way you can get both at decent quality. I believe Brooks Brothers has seperates. Also the Charles Tyrwhitt suits I believe come as seperates. However, these suits generally tend to be of lower quality than the names already mentioned (lower price too).
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A good alterations tailor should be able to take in the waist and seat of trousers from even a standard size 38, drop 6 suit to make them fit a 30" waist. I've had very similar alterations done: I've bought standard-drop 40L suits and had the 34" waist trousers (and seat) taken in to fit my 32" waist. My waist is on the trim side of 32" and I have no butt, yet the fit is still good. My rule of thumb is that trousers cannot be taken in by more than about 2" in the waist.

If you want higher-drop suits, *some* Canali suits are drop 8, but I believe this is a Euro 8 (a drop of about 6.5"). For example, I've bought a Canali Euro size 48L drop 8 suit, whose size translates to approximately a US size 38L. I guarantee the trouser waist wasn't 30"; it was close to the metric to English conversion of 31.5" (to convert Euro to English sizes multiply all Euro sizes by 0.7874). This at least gets you closer to a 30" waist and makes alterations more likely to succeed.
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I tend to float between a 36 and 38 waist and a 48L and 50L jacket so I have a similar problem. I have always relied on suit separates but it may be time to step up and get a MTM suit. I can certainly empathize. If you want to see comedy, watch as a guy like myself comes out of the dressing room with trousers that are 10 inches too big! Even the athletic cuts on a 50 jacket come with a 42 inch waist pant.
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I'm in the same boat, a 10" drop. So far I'm SOL. Maybe people that work out don't ever wear suits.
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Thanks, guys. I'll look at separates, although I think I may be able to hold out for a better quality suit on ebay. I was hoping there would be some brand that did it often enough for me to narrow my search. I'll definitely keep my eye out for Canali and Paul Smith.
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Originally Posted by Mark_Y
I'm in the same boat, a 10" drop. So far I'm SOL.

MTM works for me.
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