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jantzen experience

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Hi, everyone. I finally decided to order a shirt from Jantzen a few days back. I sent everything they asked for. Am I supposed to receive an e-mail from them? Anything? Or, will I just notice that money has been transferred and receive my shirt in a few weeks? Thanks.
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None of the above.
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So, they'll just ignore my order and go about their normal business? Hmmm, how about that.
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They will probably not e-mail you to confirm anything. Most likely, your order will be processed and fulfilled and you will have it in about 2 weeks shipped in an envelope from Hong Kong. If you want confirmation, e-mail Ricky (I think that's his name) and ask for confirmation and include your customer number. If you ask, he will probably confirm your order within a day or two. Your card will likely be charged when your shirts are finished and ready to ship.

That's my experience over about 4 or 5 orders with them.
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There are tons of threads on jantzen where people ask similar questions, use the search function.
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