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Lacoste polos

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I just purchased two Lacoste classic polos. I own many.  These two new pieces were purchased from a upper end store.  They are made in Peru..........  All my others are made in France.  They look the same. Anyone know if Lacoste is now making their classic polos in Peru...or have I been taken?
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I bought one from when they were on sale for a few hours (maybe computer glitch) for US$48. And I picked up three from eBay sold together for US$71. I hope that they are all authentic and they will fit me. I will let you know when I receive them and find out.
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I have Lacoste shirts made in India. My sister actually got them from the Lacoste factory in India. They are just as good as the shirts made in France but they were cheaper. Not sure if that clarifies anything.
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It's terribly confusing. The labels probably look different depending on the source, and this makes spotting fakes extra difficult. I wonder if the sizing is consistent across sources of manufacture.
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Interesting - i have gotten emails from some folks in South America telling me they could supply me with Lacoste polos for ...think it was $20 in lots but I get a lot of scam offers directed at power sellers. ..when I asked if my rep could come buy to inspect the lots before payment it was always Hello? hello?
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Carlo, was this source in Argentina? Gregory, I wear a size 6 which I believe equals Large. For the record, I'm around 6'2" and weigh between 200-215 pounds. Depends what I had for lunch I think the sizing is pretty even across the brand but the labels might be different. I will be travelling to India in the next couple of weeks and plan on making a few puchases at the Lacoste boutiques in India. The shirts there are around $40 CDN from what I recall.
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Ranjeev - yeah, 2 or 3 different guys from Argentina have approached me. A polo would be easy to knock off, cost of production in many countries would be next to nothing since there is nothing 'tricky'... still wondering if they were knockoffs or some that fell from the back of a truck or just a scam to get me to wire money to Argentina. ...about as likely as me responding to an email beginning with "Dear Pawpal User".
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Carlo, was this source in Argentina?  Gregory, I wear a size 6 which I believe equals Large.  
I ordered size 5 which I fear may be too large for me. But then again, the smallest size offered by Ben Silver is 5, not 4. Well the shipment will arrive tomorrow. I just hope that the 5 from Saks and the 5 from eBay will be the same 5s.
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I hope the sizing runs true for your sake Gregory. You could always wash the shirt in hot water and put it in the dryer to shrink it a bit if the shirt is too large for you. Carlo, good thinking passing on the shirts. Twenty bucks seems a bit low.
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I've been watching this auction with some puzzlement. Why would people bid so high for something that is used, and by no means guaranteed to be authentic? I think people are less suspicious of used goods being fake but they may be, all the same. Or maybe some people have a fetish of buying clothes worn by others?
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I think those made-in-Peru shirts are authentic; Lacoste might have just outsourced the production to their Peru manufacturing partners. There were Lacoste polos made in Italy sold on Bluefly a couple of months ago--those had white crocodiles. You can also get French-made Lacoste polos that have slimmer fit (b/c of 2% or so spandex content), but they're about $20 more than regular, non-stretch Lacoste.
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Can someone advise how do these Lacoste polos compare to Ralph Lauren, Lands' End and LLBean in terms of fit and quality?
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OK, my Lacoste from Saks arrived. Let me give you a description. The tag has a crocodile logo and beneath it, the word "LACOSTE". On the upper left corner of the tag, the size is indicated -- "5" -- in red. There is a tag beneath this which says it was designed in France and made in Peru ( ). The cut seems rather flattering on me compared to the other polos I have. It is a size 5 but I think I could probably fit in a size 4. Will polos shrink a little as they age? The material is a thinner than I am used to, but it feels good on the skin. The buttons appear to be dark grey pearl, single-stitched (?.). Overall impression = BTW, there are lots of men on campus wearing pink shirts. Oddly, more than women. I also saw some one wearing a pink lacoste polo the other day. Lacoste has a very very nice shade of pink. Can someone advise how do these Lacoste polos compare to Ralph Lauren, Lands' End and LLBean in terms of fit and quality?
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the Lacoste 'Made in Peru' shirts can be authentic, as that is where Lacoste now makes a lot of their items. As for quality, it's no better or worse really than the RL polo... they just jacked the price to make it more exclusive. Not as good quality as, say, RLPL's polos.
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i have heard somewhere that the shirts made in india, while authentic, have a sewn-on crocodile as opposed to the embroidered-on one in the french version. can anyone confirm this? also what is the croc like on the peruvian-made shirts? how many manufacturing locations do they have? the shirt i am wearing right now has a sewn-on croc. i bought it vintage a few years ago (IIRC), and it has the 'grand patron' tag. dunno what that means in terms of authenticity though. another tip i've heard regarding knockoffs is to make sure the croc is facing the right direction. /andrew - just saw nat'l lampoon's 'vacation' last night with chevy chase sporting innumerable polos. can't believe that movie is 21 years old.
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