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I am 19, and the sizes of my feet have remained relatively constant since I was 15. Is there is any possibility that they may increase over the next few years? My brother’s height increased a few inches when he was in college, but he does not remember whether his feet remained the same. What have your experiences been? It would not be rational for me to purchase, for example, a pair of <insert brand designed to last for years>, if they will only fit for a few months or a year or two…
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By the time I reached high school, I was already a size 13. During high school, I eventually reached a 14. Thankfully, I stopped there. In the process, however, I did outgrow a pair of AE shoes. However, I did manage to get about three years of wear out of them. Monetarily, maybe not the best deal for my parents. Still, my parents and I have always spent a fair amount of money on well-made shoes, simply because they usually have a better fit, offer more support, and last longer than cheap shoes. Feet take a pounding, so taking care of them can prevent many future problems. In my opinion, at your age, buying AE at full price or nicer brands from GVH and the like is certainly reasonable. If you're worried that much about growing, hold off on the Lobbs and EGs until later.
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I still wear the same size boot as the army issued me at 17. If anything my feet may have gotten smaller.
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Size 9.5 at age 13 (at least on the right foot), and there I have remained for 25 years.
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Thank you for your replies! Now I won't have to worry.
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19, going on 20. Feet are still 11 narrow.
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I have done a lot of walking in my life if anything I believe my foot has become longer in the process. At one time when I was young an easy 10 1/2 then after another 20 or 30 years an 11 seemed appropriate now even the 11's (I'm 62 now) seem small.
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Feet flatten over the years. I believe they widen, too.
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That may be true - I have no idea - but I don't think that really impacts his analysis. He's talking about growth into his full "adult size", not the result of decades of wear. In the long run most of us shrink a bit in height, too, but that's hardly a concern for someone buying a suit at, say, age 25.
I'll add my anecdotal experience to that of others that I think you're probably safe buying shoes in your current size.
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A research center says foot growth should already be complete. Another source says 90% completion. On average, it appears that most people's feet won't grow in shoe size after age 14 (unless the foot flattens or widens). However, there are occasional exceptions, and reportedly some bones in the foot may continue to grow until age 25.
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