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Shirt Collars

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I am attempting to find and purchase several silk dress shirts and I am discovering that the size I am looking for 17 1/2 34/35 is tending to be sized as XL and in order for me to find a shirt that is sized large I am having to get shirts with a 16 1/2" collar.

I am debating purchasing 16 1/2" collars as I don't generally button to the top however I am wondering if I should get the 17 1/2" collar and have the shirts fitted.

My concern with the 16 1/2" is perhaps even though unbuttoned it would look as if it does not fit correctly even though the rest of the shirt fits?

Any feelings or suggestions on this?
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It sounds like your needs would best be met by bespokes shirts. Maybe Jantzen could do them for you. There are several bespoke shirt makers in NYC, for instance.
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There have been one or two time that I have bought shirts where the collar was too small, because (a) I knew I wasn't going to button it, (b) the body/sleeves on the shirt were just right and (c) it was such a bargain I couldn't leave it. I see no problem with doing that, as long as you're absolutely sure you won't want to do the top button up. It's probably a good way to get a nice slim-fitting body. The alternative is to buy the large collar, and take it to a tailor to take in the side seams. I don't think that's a terribly expensive alteration (I've done it myself on a couple of "practice" shirts), although it might be a bit trickier with a more delicate material like silk. Plus, it's another cost to factor in. Let us know how you get on.
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Thank you for the replies.

I have contacted a local tailor who advised that the alterations would be between $14 & $24 dollars per shirt.

I have compared the collars to other dress shirt I have both those that are sized EXA: 17 1/2" 34/35 vs others that are just labled Large. I find the just Large shirts mostly fit but allot of the times are short in the sleve and collar. While the sized ones tend to fit better but of course vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

I guess if I could resolve my hesitance and gain comfort that the average eye ball will not question the collar I will go the easy way out vs. a tailer.

I have been observing dress shirts in adverts to see where the collars generally lie.

Decision to be made very soon.
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