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Hello, not sure where to ask but I think this is it. I got a Rick Owens Scuba Leather in SZ 48, and usually I am between 46-slim 48. I heard that when buying RO you go up a size for the leathers so I got 48. The thing is, when I put it on its extremely slim. I only tried it on at home so far but it is really slim and I can't even zip it up to the top to where it reaches my neck. I'm just wondering if I should sell it or trade it for one that fits like size 50. I can zip it half way, but then its like super super slim. I am also on a cut and currently 15% bf, and aim for sub 10 or around 10. If it makes any difference in that it will eventually fit me I will keep it. Just need some advice. I have a fit pic.

Wow just realised how fat I look in that pic...sorry if quality is bad used my phone. Thanks in advance.


Edit: Think I just realised this thread was super old. My bad.

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Reading over the first few pages again was mildly entertaining.
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