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Spokeo is scary!

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This scared the hell out of me. I just learned of this "search engine".
There is a lot more information about me and my family on there than I thought possible.

Pretty easy to remove oneself from the results.

Like Big Brother

(Or is this old news?)
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The info they have on me is mostly innacurate.
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Doesn't work for Canadian residents
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We could not locate 'tokyo slim'.
Are you sure you spelled the person's name correctly?

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It's grossly inaccurate so that it's completely useless. If I was looking for info on somebody, this wouldn't be something I'd rely on.
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It has my gender and age right. That's about all I can say for it though.
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Shit like this scares the hell of of me.
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Haha, doesn't have me, fuckers.
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is it for US residents only?
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It was pretty far off other than my address in the US.
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I'm in it, but almost all of the info is inaccurate.
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Totally accurate:

Name: Fuuu
Location: Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, IL
Company: Walla
Age: 38
Gender: Female
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It had my address, phone number, my kids' names, etc. Too accurate and too intrusive for my liking.
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Originally Posted by Dakota rube View Post
It had my address, phone number, my kids' names, etc.
Too accurate and too intrusive for my liking.

Ok that's disgusting...
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Spokeo has me pegged as a late 50's Gemini with 4 children. I enjoy shopping, and am not interested in politics. I have moderate credit and high wealth. I am married and have lived in my house for 15 years.

Sounds like I am a pretty cool fucking guy. Shit, it sounds like I'm Dakota Rube.
BTW, the picture also shows someone younger than me, as a guy in his late 50s.
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