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gosh...that's lame what a bummer.
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Although i never thought i'd have to resort to this defense on SF, I traded this karmically awful jacket to a friend who's trying to sell it....I have perfect ebay feedback dating back to 1997...this seller's a mean spirited, time wasting kook...check with emorel or any of the other, non-bottom feeding, sample sale trolling kooks, who mislist sizes--then makes lame, 'your not an anorexic mannequin" comments, b/c the untagged (no size, though it was listed as a 40R, runway sample he bought, then stunk up with cheap cologne, and pawned off to a trusting SF buyer...who thot that an adult knew how to use a tape measure, then accidently misplaced his measurements....clearly life's too short...the aw shucks posting from Gino in thsi thread makes me sick...If I werent a gentleman, I'd post the vitriolic, profanity-laden PM's that were clogging my inbox from the one and only gino....For $200 not a big deal and Im moving on...stuff happens...just breathe "gino" and learn what the marks on the tape measure mean...karma bro...Peace, MJ
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People only resort to the kind of name calling above when they have no real defense or nothing to lose. Both are the case for mfj20th. The truth is I caught him in a lie. I saved the PMs he sent in which he said the shoulder measurement for the jacket was 17" and that my measurements were too small by over an inch. I spoke with his friend who has it listed on ebay RIGHT NOW and she assured me the shoulder measurement was 100% correct as listed as 18 3/4". This, by the way, is definitely within tolerance for the measurement of an MB size 40R which is what I know with absolutely certainty this jacket was. Mfj20th tried to blackmail me into refunding his money by threatening to ruin my selling rep. here on SF when he was clearly the one who is unable to read both a tape measurer and basic measurements in an SF thread correctly.
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As an aside to who's right or wrong here, I wanted to point out to both parties that - as an observer - presenting your case before the judge and jury (SF audience, or otherwise) as a well written, cohesive, generally gramatically correct accounting vs. a run-on, lolz..., name calling diatribe is a +10 or more. Yes, justice should be blind to appearances, but it's just too hard to give real credence to the latter. While this bias doesn't bode well for the scribbling victims of well heeled scammers who might use great prose to pave over a legitimate complaint, I'm not sure such villians ever survive long enough in the B&S food chain to really matter. My .02
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