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New to the board. Custom Clothing of Atlanta

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Good morning/afternoon everyone. I'm brand new to this site and I would like to extend a greeting to everyone on the board. I'm the 4th generation of this business. I have been a part of Custom Clothing of Atlanta roughly two years. Custom Clothing of Atlanta is a company that was built from the ground up and has over 30 years experience in the mens custom clothing. We specialize in fine tailored suits, sport coats, trousers and dress shirts. We make everything of men and our prices are comparable to Atlanta's upscale stores. We carry fabrics from Zegna, Loro Piana, Scabal, Holland and Sherry, Gladson and Columbia Fabrics. Our shirt fabrics are supplied by Shirtex, Zegna Shirts, Loro Piana and Skip Gambert. We only have one guarantee. If you don't like what we make for you, you don't pay for it. The company was founded by my father who is a 3rd generation tailor and clothier. The basis of the company is most men like clothing they just don't like the process of shopping. We make an individual pattern for each of our customers. The first suit takes three to five fittings and approximately ten to twelve weeks. After the pattern is complete following the final fitting future orders will take approximately four to five weeks. The garments that we make have approximately 80% handwork, even down to the working button holes on all jacket sleeves. You will find this type of tailoring in ready-made clothing such as Kiton, Broni and Oxxford
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welcome to the board, look forward to hearing more from you in future - Matt
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Can you give us an idea of what a nice pair of pants costs? I know it will be fabric dependent but I'm curious.

It might be good to tone down the commercial nature of the post as I'm not sure if that might violate the board's rules.
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they can range from 400.00 to 1100.00
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While you're at it, you might as well pimp your pics.

Welcome aboard. Look forward to your expertise.

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Price range for shirts and suits?
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Are you associated with Atlanta Custom Tailors?
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Is this advert going round all the Boards?
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Originally Posted by GMF
Are you associated with Atlanta Custom Tailors?

Doubt it; this seems to be him: http://yp.bellsouth.com/sites/custom...nal_touch.html
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Welcome to the forum!

Your shop was very highly recommended to me by forum member The_Foxx and I meant to make a trip up to the shop before work began this summer (I am an Emory student).

I'll probably make a trip into the shop in the next couple weeks

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Is the work done in the shop or is it sub-contracted?
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I'm curious about the shirt price range as well. That's right near where I work, and I would love to find a local place to get shirts.
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