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Does Anyone Still Wear Square-Toed Shoes?

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Or are they beyond old?
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does admitting to it means getting kicked out off this forum?
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It depends how egregious we're talking about here. There are elegant squared chisel toes and then there are Frankenstein shoes and everything in between. I have some Bally loafers that are borderline too square (oversquare?) which I will occasionally break out, but I won't wear my Kenneth Cole bricks anymore. FWIW, I think the slightly squared, slightly chiseled toe such as the 337 is one of the best looking.
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Just remembered I have a pair of fake Tods with kind of a chisel toe -
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Heh I have a pair of square toed Diesel sneakers that I sometimes bust out for fun.
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I think the younger guys are a lot more likely to be victimized by that type of, shall we say, "popular" wear. As one becomes more seasoned the desire to look like just another one of the kids in the Mall or like a some model in GQ (which has bcome almost putrid with out Art...) will start to wane.

But hopefully you will keep a few photos to show your sons how you used to get 'played like a fiddle' by the fashionistas of your world. True elegance is timeless .... If you would have looked like an idiot in it 5 years'll probably look like one 2 years from now! ...., don't buy it!
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I still keep in boxes quite a few pairs of the ubiquitous Gucci square toe loafers that came in all sorts of color and with many small accessories that were so prevalent almost 10 years ago. I figure since I paid so much for them back then, I might as well save it for the time when square-toe shoes come back into "style". It will happen, like all things in mensware.
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If you like them you should just wear them. I'm not keen on the "wait until it comes back in style" mantra. Seems to suggest that you're following fashion rather than expressing personal style, which should exist outside of what's fashionable.
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I replied yes since one of my Lattanzi pairs has a square but classy toe.
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In the studio, they are stained with paint.
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One about 10 year old pair of burgundy J&M monkstraps. Not truly a "square" toe but more squared off than any of my A&E's or Aldens
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I have a pair of black pliner lace-ups that have a pretty squarish toe. I actually kind of like them as beater shoes, although the construction is sufficiently shoddy that I probably won't have them much longer.
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Absolutely, EG 888 is a squared off chiseled toe, one the most beautiful lasts ever. Alden Plaza last is also considered as a squared toe. And like J said C&J 337 is another beautiful squared toe.
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EG 888, C&J 337, JL 4800, it's hip to be square!
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Another YES to JL 4800. The Graziano & Girling posted at Centipede is also a squared toe, drop dead gorgeous.

If I initiate The Squared-Toe Society who wants to join?
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