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Quality Denim in South Korea

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Hey everyone,

I'm presently teaching English in South Korea and I've been trying to find a good quality denim store somewhere in Seoul or anywhere throughout Korea, really.

It's been pretty difficult. There is an APC boutique in one of the department stores here, but it had literally about 4 pairs of jeans and none in my size (34").

Does anyone know a good place to buy here? Please HELP!!

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I think coldrice said something about there not being any decent denim in Korea. Having lived here for a long, long time I'm inclined to agree. Also anything imported costs huge amounts of money thanks to taxes.
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Well, I saw on the steven alan webpage that there is a location in Apkujungdong, so you may try there. In fact, Apkujung is where you'd probably have the best luck, if there is good denim in Seoul.
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Anything you buy in Apku will be hugely overpriced.
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Yeah, I went to the Galleria there and that's where they have a very small APC boutique. SOOOOOOOOOOO discouraging to read these posts!! i was hoping desperately that somewhere in Seoul there would be a little denim barn or something like that. what about in Hongdae? there are loads of people up there and the Koreans are always trying to be stylish -- surely there must be something. *la sigh* thanks for replying though, Alias! You too, Joe.
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there was a guy in superfuture who bought a pair of dior homme selvage in south korea....but he said they were really expensive, somewhere along the lines of $500US+.
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You will not find anything in Hongdae that will make it worthwhile for you to reach for that wallet of yours.

The closest thing you will find in Korea that will in some way resemble what you may consider quality denim is--to your and i assume alias' dismay--diesel, but by now you already knew that.

I hope all the traumatic rainfalls will have siezed by the time i fly over to Korea.
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Yup, it stopped raining.

If your looking for brands such as Nudies and the likes of denim freaks here, then your shit out of luck. However I know a place stacked with some PRPS jeans if your interested.

If you want Diesel, there's a flagship store in Apkujung nearby Designers Square. Other more mainstream brands like TR, 7, Antique Denim, Paper, AG, Hudson, etc. you can find at any of the major department stores.
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Fos5 has free worldwide shipping. I'm pretty sure Mauro will ship worldwide, too. I know it sucks not being able to try stuff on, but a lot of us are in that boat. There's really not much close to me here in Texas either.
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Originally Posted by dizzhizz
Yup, it stopped raining.

If your looking for brands such as Nudies and the likes of denim freaks here, then your shit out of luck. However I know a place stacked with some PRPS jeans if your interested.

I'm interested. Please tell me.
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My friend found this when he went to South Korea this summer
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Just out of simple curiousity, are those who have left replies in this thread mostly Caucasians happening to reside in Korea, or of Korean nationality?

Either way nice to meet y'all
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You can find PRPS jeans at this small store in the Nature Poem building, located at the Chung-Dam intersection, right across the street from the SK gas station.

Go into the building and take the stairs to B1. The store name is ROKD.

You can find ALIFE shoes, Creative Recs, Modern Amusment, etc. in there. And the guy speaks perfect English!
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wow. dizzhizz!! thanks so very much! ok. in what area of Seoul is Chung-Dam? what subway stop would it be? I'm actually in Suwon. i generally LOVE "modern amusement" -- my favourite sweater of all time is from them. i'm suddenly so excited! do they have sizes that might fit me? (6'2" 180lbs, 34" waist) and kilokore, i'm white folk from canada, teaching english here in Korea.
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There is a Chungdam station exit on the no. 7 line (dark green) but I think it would be better to just get off at Apkujung station (orange line) and tax a cab to the store. It should only cost about W5,000 from Apkujung station.

Get in the cab and say Chung-Dam-Sa-Go-Ri. Look for the big glass building with a Coffee Bean located in the basement. You'll find this small store with the labels I mentioned before.

Dior Homme and APC - Galleria Department store

Worksout - sells Stussy, Obey, RVCA, etc. More urban skate/hip hop gear located in Apkujung nearby the Tommy Hilfiger

ZZubo - literally one alley over (west) to Worksout, you can find a bunch of Nike SBs, Adidas, BBC, Bape t-shirts and most importantly, kicks.

Nike Culture - located next to the Hakdong Sa-Go-Ri.

Adidas Original - located next to Nike Culture.

There's also a bunch of clothing shops in the Rodeo alleys. You just need to pop your head inside and see what they have to offer.

At the top level, theres always Boon the Shop. Stocked with Vintage Nike to Rogans to Churchs shoes - it three levels of shopping for men only. From casual to formal, you can find a lot of things in there for a high premium. Be prepared for some abnormally high prices.

Another helpful site:

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