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briefcase style/ brand?

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I was just wondering what brands and styles of briefcases you all use.
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bally. love it.
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Zero Halliburton Elite. Nothing else. Ever.
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Filson Field Satchel
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I have a kelly green Prada flap-over, and a London tan Swaine Adeney Brigg document case for more conservative situations. The latter will last a lifetime.
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I have a Mandarina Duck Workbag for laptop etc when I am in town or travelling. I also have a thin London tan Swaine Adeney Brigg document case with retractable handles and lock that I use when carrying light paperwork around. This slips into my MD bag when I am travelling.

I love the SAB case that I think Whoopee has, but it is very heavy (weighs many times more than what you normally carry in it) and quite large. That aside, it is a great piece that will look even better when your grandson goes to work with it.
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I just got a latico Basics in Black from TJ MAxx for $70. Im pretty happy with it
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This may sound stupid, but I have an MD-style bag that is very tipsy. It has front and a back sections and if only one has stuff in it, it will fall over. Plus if you are holding the handle, the shoulder strap tends to fall down under it as you set it down, again causing it to fall over. Moral of the story: try to shove if full of things (papers, pda, notebook, whatever) in the store and see how it handles it before you buy it. Plus mine is black leather and feels awfully awkward to carry in the summer.

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I use a variety of cases, some second hand, some new.

My laptop and travel case is Zero Halliburton DZ-5, which, though a bit over-the-top, has kept my computer safe through a number of incidents (I got it after being hit by a car while bike commuting). I often slip a thin Valextra portfolio in the Zero so I can have a smaller case after I arrive at my destination (usually conferences and meetings where the laptop isn't needed).

Normally I carry an older Timberland flap-over breifcase/messanger bag to work or a 50+ year old Atlas lawyer-type case if I need to carry many papers. When I need something bigger than the portfolio but more snazzy then my day-to-day cases I carry a suede Valextra flap over.
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I have a hard-shell Tumi case and a flip-top messenger style case that I use as my everyday workhorse.
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LV Laguito in brown Taiga. Sexiest case ever. It's not very big, but that's the point. I carry as little as I possibly can at all times. One day I may have to get something bigger, but for now, it works.
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Most of the time I wear a German milsurp canvas backpack in lieu of a briefcase. Sometimes I'll carry around an Austrian milsurp leather mapcase if all I need on me is my cell, wallet, iPod, headphone amp, IEMs, and something to read. When more grace is required, it's an Eddie Bauer bag I bought in 1998 that is a similar brown/olive canvas color as the current Dunhill Motorities line, with indifferent-quality brown leather trim and antiqued brass hardware. It's a great bag for the $70 or so I paid, For formal situations, I carry a brown leather brief that my grandparents bought for an uncle who died before his time. It's made by a company called Gavi Pell according to the tags found inside of it, though the only marque on the bag itself is a brass plaque with the name of the store from whence it came (Harrod's) in their signature font on the inner back. It is highly derivative of the venerable Hermes brief in terms of design, but slightly deeper. It can barely fit a MacBook Pro in a thin sleeve in the middle pocket.
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A Swaine Adeney Brigg flapover document case in London tan leather
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