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custom suit

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i have a zegna custom suit and am looking to add another custom. i live in a small town. where can i get the most bang for buck? i will be traveling to boston and new york over the next few months. i am willing to spend good money for a good product. while i like my zegna suit i feel i could do better. anyone know about gucci or armani made to measure?
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Your Zegna is probably on par with or better than anything that Gucci or Armani could give you.

If you're visiting New York, I suggest checking out Mr Ned, LS Men's, or WW Chan. A search will yield plenty of info about those three. You could also visit Oxxford for MTM, which would give you a superior suit compared to Armani/Gucci/etc.
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In Boston check out Louis Boston mtm programs and in NYC the same at Bergdorf Goodman Men.
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Louis is an automatic recommendation for Boston.
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