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Oxxford Gibbons Suit - ebay

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Several months ago I tried on an Oxxford Gibbons 2B suit at Barneys in NYC. I really liked the suit and the fit. The problem, however, was that the cost of the suit was well over $2,200, which is/was well over my budget. Currently listed on ebay is an Oxxford Gibbons suit in navy that is "NWT," in the ebay parlance. The suit looks almost identical to the suit I tried on at Barneys. The ebay suit costs $600. Is it possible that this is the same, or similar, suit. Should I be (very) cautious or even stay away completely? It sounds too good to be true. It might be a GREAT deal. On the other hand, I do not want to waste $600. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I bought a navy blue gibbons about 2 months ago from a seller that had alot of oxxford for about $600. It certainly could be the same guy. The labels were cut out, but the suit was exactly as promised. Think I paid $660.
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At that price have you checked Filene's Basement and the outlet malls?
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It all depends on the seller, I'd say. For a reputable seller, that's a good price.
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