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Walking Shoes

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Hi guys,

Any advice for a pair of comfortable yet stylish walking shoes?

I used to wear these Ecco's when on vacation that were very comfortable but they are getting a bit broken down. Even my very cool adidas aren't doing me so good anymore.

Ideally, I could find something in a brown wingtip that was well under $100 and that I could walk in for 3 out of a 6 day holiday. And then another pair for the other three.

Any suggestions? Brands to look at, sites to check? Here are a couple from STP

How about these?
What do you think of these?

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Rockports will be comfortable for walking, certainly.
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Mephisto makes the top walking shoe. Their City line is Goodyear welted, using high quality aniline leather.

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Originally Posted by drizzt3117
Rockports will be comfortable for walking, certainly.

Seconded. Rockports were very kind to my feet when on-call in the hospital. Even after 30+ hours without rest, my feet were the last thing to hurt.
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I don't really care for the style of the pairs you posted, but I have two pair of Rockports - a lace-up blucher and a cap-toe that are very comfortable when I have to walk a lot.
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Taryn Rose is a most comfortable shoe but is not intended for heavy duty walking. For that, I have Doc Martens why have always been comfortable for me--in fact, I have over 50 pairs of them.
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