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Filson Coats

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I'm thinking of picking up a new coat for fall/winter. It's a short season here in Texas but right now I've got nothing. I'm a big fan of the classic American workwear/woodswear look. Filson has had this look for about 100 years so the're a natural. Right now I'm torn between the Double Logger Coat and the Tin Cruiser. Both look great, but in different ways. The cruiser is the more classic design and comes properly sized which lets me buy a 38 instead of guessing between a small and a medium. The double logger is a very simple clean design and a bit cheaper. I'm torn. Any opinions?

Tin Cruiser

Double Logger
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I prefer the double logger
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Both are very nice. The arms look gigantoid, though....
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another vote for the logger.
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cruiser looks less casual and more funtional. Also looks more like a shirt.
I like both.
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double logger. very nice. make sure it fits though. like Minya mentions, you might even be able to size down on the jacket for a nice fitted look. besides, i don't think you'll be doing much layering in TX.

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I would go with the cruiser. I used to work in a shop that sold Filson and I have several items of theirs.

The Tin Cloth is pretty good stuff and will require a long break in...years!
I wouldn't say that it is 100% waterproof nor would I say that it is all that breathable but under normal conditions it will be a good jacket.
For reference I have owned both the Tin Cloth and the Shelter Cloth jackets. I am a big fan of their wool clothing and have a wool cruiser. I also had one of the double wool cruisers for a while but it was a bit much. I don't think you would really like the double arms in the second jacket you posted. Have you ever tried one on?
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The arms look gigantoid, though....

This is something to keep in mind. Most of these coats are intended as shells for serious layering. This is the only thing that has stopped me from buying a Filson coat--when I try them on, I can't get over the bulkiness of the sleeves. That said, I like the look of them a lot, and their spartan details--I want the wool cruiser.
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I have a game bag and a hat in tin cloth from Filson. I'm familiar with the fabric and the construction and am a huge fan of both. I haven't tried on either jacket and most likely won't get a chance to. I don't have a problem with them being full cut for layering, I'm from the north and to me that's how things should fit. I'm not sure about the double arms on the Logger, that's the big thing holding be back on it. I really want a wool cruiser but there's no way in Texas. It would be like archiving it until I moved. Thanks for all the input. Gives me things to ponder.
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You certainly can't go wrong with the Filson guarantee.

I think the double arms in the tin cloth is going to be pretty stiff and a bit uncomfortable but since you have some of their tin cloth you know what I'm talking about. I also have a game bag and it's great. The wool vest are really handy for both outside and something you can put on in the office and still look respectable.

I also really like the Tin Jacket style number 623N. The wool collar looks nice and they seemed to be a good seller for us. It's a pretty simple jacket but a classic.

Good luck with your purchase....whichever way you decide to go you'll be getting a great jacket. Let us know....
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Originally Posted by blackgrass
The Tin Cloth is pretty good stuff and will require a long break in...years!
Depends on what you do while you wear it. My Packer, style 61, was mostly trashed after four years. I sent it back for repairs and Filson sent me a new coat, that was a pretty cool thing to do. And I wouldn't buy one that just fit, if you ever get it wet it will shrink.
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Some of their 'lighter' weight fabrics are nice if you don't need something really heavyweight. I have a seatle wool liner jacket and a moleskin bomber jacket that I really like. And they have the oil finish cover cloth, but I have not actually tried it. I did buy a tin cloth jacket from ebay last fall but have not worn it much because it is a much heavier jacket than I normally need.
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I think the Cruiser would look better in the pic without those tools and the pockets snapped shut. I don't really like the look of mid-torso pockets, so I would go with the Cruiser. If you weren't such a fan of classic outdoor workwear in the mold of Filson/Woolrich/Pendleton, though, then the Double Logger might be an easier style to embrace.
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I had heard recently that Filson had started outsourcing their manufacturing. Anyone have any experience with this?
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Originally Posted by gracian
I had heard recently that Filson had started outsourcing their manufacturing. Anyone have any experience with this?

That's actually one of the reasons I'm looking to buy a coat soon. Their shirts appear to have all been outsourced and at least some of their pants. All the tin cloth gear, the luggage and the wools seem to still be made in Seattle. They also have their lodge collection now which is all overseas stuff as well. I don't mind buying foreign sourced clothes usually but when they switched their shirts from being made in Seattle to being made overseas and didn't change the price at all I got a bad taste in my mouth. I'd like to pick up a few pieces of original made in Seattle Filson while it's still possible.
They also used to have more coats that were properly sized and they've gone to S,M,L on all of them but the cruiser. I'd hate to pass the original properly sized cruiser and then not be able to get it anymore.
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