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Need to resolve an EG problem....

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What is the name and contact information (phone # and /or email) of the EG representative, who now travels to the USA for truck shows, etc.

Is that the best person to contact in the case of a fit problem with a pair of EGs? If not, who would that person be?

For example, I am a confirmed UK8D in a variety of the lasts -- 888, 606, and 82. I wear EGs comfortably in each of these lasts. During the last RL sale, I ordered the RLPL Piersons in black (82 last) by phone in my exact size. I recently wore them out for the first time and they are noticeably and uncomfortably smaller than my other pair of UK8Ds on the 82 last (and the 888 last). In fact, they feel like a half size smaller (at least). I called the EG shop on Jermyn Street to ask whether one would take a different size in the 82 vs. the 888 and they said that one would take the same size (only real difference is the toe shape). EG also told me that the sizing is the same for shoes marked EG and RLPL. I am pretty sure that my shoes were mismarked. I have worn them out once so I cannot return them to the store. I wonder what my options are. They are too tight for me to wear.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
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One option would be to send them back to EG for gentle stretching. I'm certain that they'd do that for you (probably at no cost), given the circumstances and your inquiries. (I suppose an alternative would be to go through RL, but I think I'd go straight to EG.) That would be all you'd need to get them to feel right. I think with a new pair of EGs, that's what I'd do, but another option would be to have your local cobbler do this. It's not a difficult procedure at all, and, if you have a good cobbler, it should work out just fine. The cost is trivial (maybe $15 at most) compared to the cost of the shoes. Stretching can buy you about 1/2 size of length (e.g., lengthening a 7.5 to an 8) and about one letter of width (e.g., widening from a C-width to a D-width).

I would suggest to whoever does the stretching that you want it done very gently and not to the limit of what's possible. Many EG owners find them tight at first, but they can be expected to stretch on their own with use. You'll want them back still pretty snug, but wearable.

Good luck!
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Seems this should be pursued with RL not EG.

If possible - I would go to the RL store - explain the issue - put this shoe down next to another one in UK8D on the same last - and if it is visibly shorter - I think a compelling case for a refund or exhange will have been made.
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I agree, go to RL and explain your case. Though if you are really trying to get an exchange on the same pair in a different size for the same price, you may have to exchange them through EG, since RL may not have them.
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I agree that you have a RL problem, not an EG problem. You need to take it up with them. If you can show that the shoe is not the size it's labeled as, they should take it back, even once-worn.
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My comments were based on the assumption that a return or exchange was unlikely. I suspect that it's not that unusual to find two pairs of shoes on the same last and marked with the same size to fit slightly differently just from manufacturing tolerances. Thus, you may be told by RL that the size was correctly determined (by EG) and marked on the shoe in the equivalent US size. (EGs statement to you that "the sizing is the same for shoes marked EG and RLPL" is mildly confusing, since if you are a UK 8, then the corresponding shoe branded RLPL should read either 8.5 or, possibly, even 9.) The other factor that motivated my response was that you might be unable to get another pair of RLPL Piersons in your size for some time, and would prefer not to have to wait perhaps months to have the shoes. Clearly, if you can go into the RL store and get an exchange of the shoe you want that feels right when you try it on, that's your best bet. If that fails, however, a gentle stretching will get you your shoes quickly and properly sized.
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or you could sell them on ebay or see if you could trade them with someone
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Go through RL customer service?

Not worth the frustration.
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Originally Posted by josepidal
Go through RL customer service?

Not worth the frustration.

Perhaps not. But trying to convince EG that a shoe without their name on it, not sold in one of their stores, is their problem, seems likely to be an exercise in bashing one's head against the wall. If I performed a work for hire, which then appeared and was sold under someone else's name, I would have very little time for the final purchaser if they came to me with a complaint. My response would be, I didn't sell it to you; any problem you might have should be taken up with the party that did after putting their name to it.
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