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It's nice to wake up to all those helpful answers - thank you guys . They fit my size 9.5 foot (42.5) but I'm rather thinking of growing some hair on my chest and risk wearing them on sunny days as you suggested. You are welcome to try to wrestle them from me but it's probably more hassle than it's worth as I would have to ship them from europe and you would have to deal with the customs authorities. My trouble in matching them with slacks probably stems from the fact that most of them are rather rough i.e. flannel, thick worsted wool or cords and most of my shoes are on the chuncky side to match. However, I've got some summer weight slacks and suits and should try them. I've also been lusting after a cream suit - using the shoes as an excuse is an excelent idea. The fact that I'll be feeling self-concious for the first wearings is of no big concern since from reading your posts I belive it's me, not the shoes that are the problem. If I had shied away from unfamiliar clothes in the past I would still dress as bad as the people I pity today. Belt ? Damn - I hadn't gotten that far. I guess that my standard brown belt would do unless the slacks were really light coloured, then a tan belt would be called for. What I don't want to do is to create a line through my midsection with a contrasting light coloured belt. Perhaps this calls for a shopping trip as well ?   Thanks for all the input, B