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We've used both Behr and Ralph Lauren and liked them both very much. They may not be the best but it would be hard to get me to use something else.

What color are your ceilings? Are they different than your walls?
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i used prada paint in my house. it's the same green as the one in their stores. also have a lot of wenge furniture for that prada feel. after that we put a coat of margiela flat latex.
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I just finished painting around 10 rooms in my house including the hallway and ceilings and I would echo most of what you said. I'll add a few too...

1. To me while Purdy brushes are a necessity I find having tape as a backup helps. If taping off walls to paint trim make sure to use super light tack paint to avoid peeling the paint off.

2. There is a paint called Stix, similar to Killz that will cover any glossy surface without sanding. Great for painting trim from older houses that have 10 coats of lacquer.

3. Use good dropcloths. No matter how careful we were drops were spilled and we noticed this after taking all the cloths off. Now that the floors have been refinished we are super careful.

4. I'd say while I spent 95% of my paint on Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore is an equal.

5. Use the right paint for the right room. Bathrooms will need different paints than say a bedroom.

6. Never use flat, always use at least an Eg-shel / satin for cleanup.

7. On trim use a minimum of semi-gloss to pop off the walls and make cleanup even easier.

8. Get the right nap rollers for the right surface, 1/2" for textured ceilings and 3/8" for flat walls.

9. Tinting primer can make painting over dark colors much easier however it also can't be returned if you order too much and can't be used in other rooms obviously.

10. For baseboards use an oil based paint to avoid rusting. Latex paints have water that will corrode the surface. Will be messy and smelly and is best to do when the heaters are off to avoid burn off fumes.
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^This is good advice, especially about using a good dropcloth. The cheap ones just don't lie flat and create a cleanup headache. Wife and I are enjoying the new room colors. Next up is our library and we are hiring a pro to do the great room. Living and dining room were done last year.
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