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wheels? i gotcha on this
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Lets get a better clip of that V10 revving.....that's the only good thing about that car anyway...biggrin.gif
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BBS RS LM would look good on it. But they're pretty expensive. 5 double spoke or mesh wheels usually look good on E60s.
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Originally Posted by GreenFrog View Post

BTW, began searching for some wheels for my car and have some ideas but wanted to see if you guys had any recommendations. Will be interesting to see how all our tastes differ!

When you're done getting mere opinions just ask idfnl for the One True Answer (OTA).
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Originally Posted by mike1445 View Post

not hating, it wouldn't be SF if we didn't opine on aesthetics.. I'm with Drew on disliking the blue and black, I think hypersilver wheels would look fucking sharp but but cannot knock the car. enjoy GF


Sorry, didn't mean to imply. I also am not a huge fan of Interlagos over black. Sliver rocks with it.

Originally Posted by Piobaire View Post

Congrats on the M5, GF. Do not get any more tickets! And please do not get a custom plate like you had for the ZHP. Please.


<sniff> I have a custom plate, sniff.

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I like the wheels that are on it but in silver, 2010-BMW-M5-Wheel-590x443.jpgwheel_e46m3_comp_2.jpg
Vmr v710 or v703
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Originally Posted by Huntsman View Post

I have a custom plate, sniff.

laugh.gif Please tell me it's more original than the model of your car and the year of your birth! I just always get a chuckle from personal plates that say things like, "RED M3" or "MY 300Z."
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GF, thanks for the pics and update. I made my earlier post without realizing you had just posted what I had asked for.

I have a soft spot for M5's, and yours is no exception. Glad to hear you're looking for wheels, may I suggest the stock ones or what you already have on it, but in silver?

As I've posted before, you're gonna love this car. ENJOY!!!
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Yes! It is. I have some originality. Not much, but some.

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I am a fan of 20" Schnitzer type V's on e60 m5's, but they're incredibly pricey. I think people either love them or hate them, but I love them and they look fantastic in person. Just that all the other ACS mods for e60's are horrendous.
Apart from the ACS wheels, no other mods besides a suspension and an exhaust needed. Second to the ACS's I like stock 19" M6 wheels. Anything else begins to look like its trying too hard, and few other companies make anything equal or better in quality to the stock M wheels
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M6 wheels are teh awesomest to me. Just sayin.

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The M5 came with those m6 wheels pretty much everywhere but the US, so I'm used to seeing E60 m5s on those wheels instead of the stock multi spokes. I think the m6 wheels are a good quality look and they're light and lithe looking too. Relatively rare take off wheels like those also keep their value well, as opposed to aftermarket things.
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You see them a lot more on M3's but Work VS XX looks good here:

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Thanks for all the recs, gents.

So far, I'm liking these BBS RS LMs:

Do you guys think my car could pull it off? Is the gold ricey? Actually.. now that I imagine them in my mind, they look pretty ricey.

I also really like the M6 wheels, so we'll see.

Piob, I did end up ordering another vanity plate, just because I find the standard Texas plates to be ghastly. It's extremely hard to not be douchey with vanity plate messages, so I opted for something simple again -- just my initials and birth month and day.

Anyway, was at the grocery just now and came back to find this car next to mine:


Edit: Goddamn iphone, why does it always rotate my pictures?!?!?!
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dude. Not those wheels.
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