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Originally Posted by Blackhood View Post

How did you manage that?

Ring Taxi as zippyh just posted, though she doesn't drive for them anymore.
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bought this a week ago



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Originally Posted by apz06 View Post

bought this a week ago

enjoy it while you have it. Once we're in Iran and gas is $9.07 a gallon, that car will be a cool looking lawn ornament.
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I drive a Honda Jazz, not flash but a very nice drive. Goes, turns and stops where and when I want it to I'm a happy driver. 

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Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

Hate tinted windows too. Good aftermarket wheels don't necessarily have to be expensive, though, price and aesthetics are separate. Because Japan makes so many rims, they're often cheap and fairly good deals, granted only a few are really good looking for certain vehicles. The facilities for wheel making, especially drop-forged, are expensive and very limited, I think there's only like 2 or 3 forges in Japan, and so the market is pretty tight and the prices are within range of each other unless it's a maker's brand, like NEEZ. Meanwhile, the same forges put out anything from RAYS to Mugen to BBS - you can tell these are all mostly products of the same facility because the finishing looks the same.
I think Schnitzer wheels (when they looked nice, and were form-cast) were made by Ronal, which is not the most prestigious wheel maker out there; likewise the Hamann PG series that everybody liked was made by OZ, and for a long time (still?) OZ stuff was mostly lame, maybe not cheap, but OZ never came close to BBS. The Europeans are great at the idea of making a business from a factory OEM'ing stuff and then having their own maker's brands to fill their free time (that goes for their clothes too) - OZ, Ronal, Zender, BBS, etc - but few of the maker's brands ever reach greatness.

When I'm talking about tint I'm not talking about 35% tint, more like limo tint from the b piller and back.

I'm not talking about OZ, Ronal etc. as they aren't cheap by any means (at least not in europe), I'm talking about those where you can get 4 19" tires and 4 wheels for a 1000$ or less.

Ronal and BBS makes a lot of the original oem wheels for VW, Audi, MB and BMW etc. the wheels on the Mk5 GTi are made by Ronal for example and a lot of audis wheels like speedlines are made by BBS, so I'm not surprised that a lot of the smaller tuner wheels are made by them as well.

Zender are cult wheels for vw fans now and actually goes for a good bit of money.

Originally Posted by RFX45 View Post

The ring is open to public when there isn't testing or racing going on iirc.
They're actually planning (or hoping) to open a ring in Nevada, hopefully they go through with it was I'd love to test out that track.

The ring is a officially a toll road, which is why you can drive there without a race license etc. and I highly doubt they will be doing ANY expansions within the next 10+ years, as they were very close to going bankrupt last year (or they actually did) due to some insane projects f.ex. a roller coaster going trough a building, which only drove once, as it would ruin the building due to the shaking etc.
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saw these beauties today

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I love when people post the same pic of their cars multiple times in a desperate attempt to attention whore.
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In my mind, Vipers have not aged well. I think I got over their looks when I was 13.

Enjoy it though.
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The early Viper GTS really reminds me of the Michael Keaton bat mobile.
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BMWs and Porsches playing at the Ring --- probably a test day for the manufacturers:

The white M3s with the Motorsport stripes are the current Ring Taxis.
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I think the Viper is one of the best looking modern sports to come out of America. Same with the 98-02 Trans Am WS6.



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Trans Am? The car with the ugly nostrils? The ZR1 so much better looking.
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The 4th Gen Trans Am has a soft spot in my heart. We had a 97 WS6, with LT1 and 6 Speed. It was the first sport/muscle car my parents bought while I was young. It was bored into a 383 Stroker with LT4 cam and a bunch of other stuff. It was a very quick car. I bought a 98 Trans Am WS6 when I turned 18, because I could and parents said I could not have one... Both the cars where white with black interior. I loved the very intimidating look of the 98 WS6... Not going to deny, both these cars where a POS.



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Yea I had an LS1 F-Body (Z28)....they were quick but big shitty boats. Sigh gm.
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For me, it's been an awesome car-watching week: The first McMerc SLR (it was interesting but not arresting), and an incredible, awesome, stunning, viscerally beautiful Fisker Karma!  Must be the warm weather -- for me to see two supercars in a week is unheard of.



Originally Posted by A Y View Post

I am partial to the E60 M5 because I got a ride in one around the Ring from Sabine. smile.gif


I'm rarely this jealous. Was it as awesome as I imagine?



Originally Posted by apz06 View Post

bought this a week ago



Many congratulations -- Vipers always catch my eye.


Originally Posted by impolyt_one View Post

enjoy it while you have it. Once we're in Iran and gas is $9.07 a gallon, that car will be a cool looking lawn ornament.

Him and half the people with cool cars in this thread. That would make me regret the M Coupe instead of an Exige, I'll tell you that!


~ H


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